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  1. Any reviews on PPE Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Transmission Pan for 10r80

    A review on the PPE site says they observed 15 degrees cooler than stock with this stock PPE replacement aluminum pan
  2. Brembo brake kit

    They do exist where you can keep original offset 19+ wheels, spindles and everything on a stock S550 GT with direct bolt on with parking brake included. but it becomes mute since the kit is almost same price as the FP front/rear kit though and might look kinda mismatched on rotor availability...
  3. Any reviews on PPE Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Transmission Pan for 10r80

    I'm interested in it too when it's time for my transmission flush interval and also saw mishimoto makes one too and supposedly has baffles on internal side for reducing sloshing and more cooling. But the more I looked at it, it looks more like a deep pan shape than the stock PPE option
  4. Does anyone make a hood black out style decal for 18+ mustangs?

    I guess the CDC one was probably harder trying to do the pinstripes around? or probably they used some pin-strip kit to just add to the borders.
  5. Does anyone make a hood black out style decal for 18+ mustangs?

    I was pondering about doing something a bit different than a GT/CS logo custom Mach 1 style hood decal. I always liked the classic black out with pin stripes. And maybe do it in magnetic grey or gloss black with red pin stripes over a silver car? I have yet to find any site that sells this...
  6. Fender Liner

    Is the purpose of the gt350 fender vents to vent heat from the engine bay not the wheel well? Or it assists with brake cooling? I know the Roush is for heat out of the engine above the liner, not from the wheel well but used in conjunction with the additional supercharger max cooling kit that...
  7. Looking for advise from current GT350 owners

    And for gt350 did they stop making the voodoo crate engine and it will be harder to come by to replace?
  8. gt500 style hood for gt

    what size normal hood pins can fit the indents? I wonder if just putting actual push style hood pins (hood section hardware of the kit) instead of the faux covers that are sent with the hood? even if they wont be functional, but at least the push button latch hardware used for the hood...
  9. Looking for advise from current GT350 owners

    What about PP2 as an alternative?
  10. Parking outside

    Parked outside for 5 years, no issues, but recently had to have cat ultrasonic sensors which seem to now keep cats from spraying on the car as they did in the past. I also have vehicle rodent spray (vehicle defense on amazon) I use on both cars outside. no signs of chewing wires. I bought...
  11. gt500 style hood for gt

    From what I see the aluminum version doesn't have inside piping sections for the washer fluid nozzles? Cervinis allows you to route the entire piping back into the interior of the hood to join the nozzles creating a clean underhood appearance.?
  12. GT to Ecoboost

    My Ford calibration for my GT actually added 2 mpg. 😆 So I got lucky with that benefit.
  13. Mach 1 hoodstripe damage or maintenance/repair?

    303 Aerospace Protectant? It helps eliminate all the wax residue off my matte plastic parts
  14. gt500 style hood for gt

    yes its very hard to see any good images of the underside or the included hardware if it even has rain trays etc. I think Ikon does source out this GT500 KR hood. It would be nice if Cervinis did retain the 2018 side lines (that was added by Ford for better hood corner clearance) but they...
  15. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    I guess I got lucky with the overall benefits of this so I may just stay NA and stick to this for good and just add more handling tweaks.
  16. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    Yes I agree about it said and done, but just like those who wanted to keep warranty and smog etc and not dismantle it when done, but have option to just switch over to custom tune and then back for smog etc. also looks nice in the engine bay vs stock, and glad my hood does imprint over the cai...
  17. gt500 style hood for gt

    It was just odd how all the fiberglass and carbon options don't do this, yet the Chinese companies that decided to make an aluminum version did this, but anyway the gt500 kr version would be my pick over the regular gt500 style
  18. WARRANTY question BREMBO finish? 2023 Mach 1..... only 200 miles on ODO

    Wonder why the base mach 1 didn't use the gloss black anniversary edition calipers? Those are powder coated and hold up much better.
  19. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    Anyone ever try custom tunes with the 18+ calibration kit already installed aside from the canned tune?
  20. Fender Liner

    I know the Mach 1 would not fit a regular GT, not sure if a 350 will line up well. I thought of doing it to take advantage of the functional Shelby GT front vents I have. I was thinking of just adding a vent to the existing liners such as this which might be cheaper than a liner set...