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  1. Looking for a 2019 or 2020 Kona Blue GT350R to purchase

    I love Kona, I'd replace my car with a Kona version in a second
  2. GT3 @ Le Mans

    After having gone cable free for nearly a decade now, I simply cannot tolerate ads anymore. They're actually sickening...
  3. GTD Startup

    I was pretty sure it was confirmed it was a little up-tuned predator. I will say however that the GTD's mufflers sound WAY better than my stock 500 mufflers
  4. Options on making fake hood heat extractors functional

    Lol this is what I do when I wash it. Totally unnecessary I assume, but it makes me feel better damnit! 🤣
  5. Options on making fake hood heat extractors functional

    It's also not taking into account just sitting in traffic, slow driving etc. Heat is absolutely pouring out of my hood at all times, it's very easy to see it lol.
  6. A nice little milestone!

    That's crazy, I pay $1400 a year for my 500 and truck...
  7. Options on making fake hood heat extractors functional

    Was this test on a GT500? Doesn't look like one to me. For the car in this video maybe the heat extractor is too big, but the 500's hood was literally designed with heat extraction and aero in mind. The way the grille flows and the cut outs in it, etc etc. This is a cool test, but I ain't...
  8. Options on making fake hood heat extractors functional

    I'd love to see where this statement is gleaned from
  9. Options on making fake hood heat extractors functional

    This. Get a GT500 hood if you want heat extraction.
  10. A nice little milestone!

    They were meant to be driven!
  11. A nice little milestone!

    Appreciate it! If I'm ever out that way I'll hit ya up!
  12. A nice little milestone!

    Just hit 20k on my 500. Love this car. Have had literally 0 problems with it. Just did the 20k mile DCT service, a fresh oil change, new wheels/tires and an alignment. Anyone else drive their car as much as mine? I don't daily it, only drive it for fun!
  13. Interesting drag race

    It was also tuned, it's a dumb test
  14. Interesting drag race

    Idk why they'd even make the vid tbh, the Gen 2 S550 has a tune, an xpipe, clutch....They're both manuals, no timers. Just a waste of time tbh lol

  16. Dark Horse at Dealership

    But then they couldn't save 50 bucks per car by just tacking the ipad onto the dash!
  17. Camaro Clown vs Trees

    This has always been my method. Like I don't know how bad peoples reactions times are, or if they just think they're a great driver, but if you just simply get out of the throttle and point where ya wanna go it just works. And this car spins on the freeway at 70+ 🤣
  18. Dark Horse at Dealership

    I can honestly say the only thing I like about the s650s is a few of the spoilers, lol.