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  1. Coyote shout out. Blackstone oil analysis

    Does anyone ever share bad oil analysis reports?
  2. Am I overreacting or...

    I would give zero fucks if I got one like that. Who cares if it has a light scratch or scuff. It'd be nice to be mint but once it's on the car who cares. However, I would want to know, was it returned because it doesn't work? That would piss me off if it didn't work. I remember buying 'open...
  3. Needed supporting mods, tools etc for whipple install

    Would definitely do the balancer
  4. 30% mix - fueling experts chime in

    Lund? https://lundracing.com/pcmtec-multi-tune-upgrade
  5. 2017 whippled stage 2 with full exhaust. Dyno numbers look ok?

    No run "before" No boost measurement No AFR graph Might as well draw it with crayons
  6. How do you drive your MT82 on the drag strip to avoid fragging it? What times are you running?

    I don't launch it hard or powershift it. I have a feeling it will blow on a 2nd gear roll one day though.
  7. Manual fan control

    Why not just program the ECM to turn them on at set temps?
  8. Required Upgrades for E-85?

    I have no personal experience with it, but I'm not a huge fan of piggy-back style systems, and it's not going to add any timing (aside from what your existing tune has in it) so you won't really see power gains. There are a couple threads about it here. For the what the Proflex costs, just buy...
  9. Nitto G2 555 tires making car feel “swaying or slidy” on freeway?

    Lower the pressure and put a couple hundred miles on them
  10. Roush Supercharger Questions/Help

    3-4k for install is dumb 10-12 hours, so even at 200 an hour it should only be 2000-2400 tops It's not like they are going to dyno tune it or anything
  11. What causes rear tire cupping? Nitto g2 555s

    Unbolt the shock and see if it extends or push it in and see if it extends back out
  12. $150k for a 95 Supra…

    I've seen NA's for 50/60k....
  13. Vmpgen3r IAT where should they be ?

    Cruising at what mph, or idling at a stop? What do the temps do when you hit the gas?
  14. Carbon trap removal, +18 hp ??

    LMR found 14hp
  15. AFD E85 "ProFlex Commander" for '15-'17 S550 GT

    Still interested in how much timing the car sees during a pull on 93 vs e85 Dyno numbers would be nice too....
  16. Air intake tube

    If the air is coming through the throttle body at say, 300 feet/second, how long can it be possibly be inside a plastic tube to get heated up?
  17. Interesting drag race

    GM fucked up not having both port injection and DI on the Camaro You end up with a stupid barrier at about 600hp before you need to start changing the fuel system big time
  18. Interesting drag race

    1985 - 215hp 1987-1995 - 225hp 1996-1998 - 215-225hp Decent bump up 1999-2004 - 265hp 2005-2010 - 300hp (but the car got bigger etc so not much of a bump) Big bump up 2011-2014 - 412hp 2015-2017 - 435hp (car gained weight so not really a bump) Decent bump up 2018-2023 - 460hp (drivetrain...
  19. Interesting drag race

    2023 Production Numbers: Mustang - 61,165 Corvette - 53,807 Not too far off each other