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  1. Had Full Xpel Ultimate PPF Done - Need Opinions on the work done

    Im not one to say this, but can you fucking sue the shop to get your money back? Fucking $7000 for a piss poor job, and absolutely NO after sale support. That is money down the god damn drain. My friends $1000 front end PPF job looked better than this, and his PPF did not extend over the edges...
  2. Is a 1510 lb (650 kg) load-rated wheel ok for amateur track days?

    Unless they've changed their design for 19" wheels, I wouldn't bother. Back in 2016 when I got my car, I ordered a set of these. They were supposed to clear our big brakes, but they don't. The shop ended up using the set of wheels as wall ornaments. If you go 20's, then it's a different story. I...
  3. Breaking Necks with my GT350 Thread

    2 Motorcycle cops pulled up to the stop light on the lane next to me. One of them looked behind at my car, and per my usual encounters with cops, I thought he was going to give me shit for windshield tint and no front plates. To my relief, he just gave me a thumbs up and went on his way, so that...
  4. Horrible buzzing sound at high rpms - never heard this before

    Same here. It didn't eliminate it 100%, but it did help.
  5. Breaking Necks with my GT350 Thread

    You usually need to make a sincere offering to the master in hopes of him offering sage advice. :crackup:
  6. Mustang GT350 Forged Wheel - Velgen VFMP10 Full Polished

    Hopefully we get some pics on the car. I haven't seen a polished wheel set up look right on a GT350 yet. IMO, seems like the GT350 doesn't go well with it, but would be glad to be proven wrong.
  7. Powertrain Failure at the track *update 6/18 **Final**

    Yea, my car having a gen 2 motor is a definite plus. To some, they want all original parts and it's seen as a negative. 🤷‍♂️
  8. Anderson Composites Wing - Fiberglass VS Carbon Fiber? Cracked 🤬

    Luckily I'm not a fan of the R wing, or else I might've been in the same boat as OP. This is the first time I'm seeing AC handle a situation, and poorly, that the CF track pack wing I have will be the first and last AC product.
  9. Six Yrs Later - C8 Z06 finally tries to copy Voodoo

    $85k starting MSRP if I'm not mistaken.
  10. Six Yrs Later - C8 Z06 finally tries to copy Voodoo

    Somewhat off-topic, but do you even know what your expected timeframe to get one is? How far up are you on these lists?
  11. Six Yrs Later - C8 Z06 finally tries to copy Voodoo

    Yea, hearing Ford having to damp the entire drivetrain to deal with the added vibrations of FPC, I'm curious to see what GM has done with their application of the FPC.
  12. Six Yrs Later - C8 Z06 finally tries to copy Voodoo

    This thread actually reminded me I should try to get on the list for the Z06 now if I want it in 2-3 years. I know the regular C8 is like a unicorn right now, so I can't even imagine the levels of insanity trying to get a Z06
  13. Six Yrs Later - C8 Z06 finally tries to copy Voodoo

    Ford was bold and ballsy enough to put a bespoke FPC engine into a car most people could afford and proved it's not just for exotics. Chevy was bold and ballsy enough to do the same with a mid-engine car. Not only that, but to add an FPC to it is absolutely amazing. It's been 5 years now, and...
  14. Need ROUSH decklid!!!

    That's a pretty cool way of making their cars more special.
  15. Anderson Composites Wing - Fiberglass VS Carbon Fiber? Cracked 🤬

    Doesn't hurt to let AC know about their wing breaking down. Even if it's 1-month out of the warranty window, they may be able to do something for you. If not a good will replacement, at least a discount on another one of their products. Although I don't know how your faith in the company isn't...
  16. always, always, always ALWAYS

    Humans these days, can't they get everything 100% right all the time? Yeesh. Good thing you lucked out, would've been terrible to see the awesome motor bite the dust.
  17. Shifteck is absolute JUNK!!

    I hope OP is able to prove it to the credit card company. He could start by asking them to forward that actual "email" to the credit card company and him, instead of just a screenshot/picture of it. That'll fucking get 'em. I hope something happens to them, like the credit card company going...
  18. Shifteck is absolute JUNK!!

    That's unbelievable. Honestly I'm surprised we don't see more of these falsified emails, the layout is simple enough you can just edit that shit in MS paint.
  19. Aftermarket warranty for past 60,000 miles?

    Let us know if you do find it. Carmax sells extended warranties for all the cars they sell, so there must be a way for you to do it for your car. They'll probably ask for your first-born though at 60k miles.
  20. What the ….

    We knew it was ugly, but god damn that is much worse than I thought. I'm confident that's the ugliest GT350 in existence.