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  1. unidentified module added to car

    Interesting. I have a 2017 GT and when I did my fuel system I pulled off that same kick panel on the passenger side and i saw a several of those wire taps on my harness in a similar way. The device had been cut off, so whatever device was there is long gone, but they left the wire taps on there...
  2. Best Gen 2 IMRC Fix in 2024?

    GT350 is basically plug and play on these cars. Especially if you have other PP2 parts then that makes the most sense.
  3. CALIFORNIA SPECIAL S550 Mustang Thread

    Mine is a 2017 CS with a 6R80, has the brace and the strut bar, but also has 3.15 gears.
  4. Tuner Can't Tune Car

    Just to clarify you asked Lund about your logs and they told you it all looked good and no issues with them right? But you in your tuning expertise belive they are wrong?
  5. Tuner Can't Tune Car

    Honestly though, 60-130 Draggy times are hardly a scientific way to measure differences. You are chasing your tail swapping tuners and running on the highway with a draggy. First thing you need to do is just get a compression test done, If you have solid compression on all 8 cylinders that is...
  6. Tuner Can't Tune Car

    So this isnt your final tune? Still working on revisions?
  7. Coolant reservoir relocation

    Im pretty sure its the resevoir that comes with the Paxton and Vortech kids you are looking for. Id check their site and see if you can order seperately.
  8. Header Coatings

    Do those headers used like some kind of gasket? Looks like they flanges on my dads old 71 Mach 1.
  9. Tuner Can't Tune Car

    Not trying to be a dick here so bear with me. But where did you learn how to read cam phasing and timing? How do you know the data you are looking at is wrong or incorrect in some way? These cars have Twin Independent cam phasing that allows them to make changes in real time with varying and...
  10. Tuner Can't Tune Car

    I had to go back to the start and figure this out too. Looks like his motor was rebuilt by himself and now on the same Lund tune it was on before it is slower, Lund says tuning wise all looks good, OP doesnt believe there are mechanical issues with car and Lund isnt giving him proper customer...
  11. PM Sent

    Hey there I sent you guys a PM earlier today. Thanks for checking into it!
  12. Mach 1 vs Dark Horse Exhaust Note - Want to Install On '15 GT

    FYI looks like that kit is for 18+ mustangs. Not sure its gonna work with your 2015 rear bumper.
  13. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    I like my Tial Q50 its got a good sound. But being an automatic the BOVs dont have quite the same impact. If I had a manual car I'd get the most loud and in your face BOV out there :crackup:
  14. 2016 Mustang GT - Twin Turbo Hellion Build

    Is that angled toward the driver? Where did you get it from?
  15. Hellion Time!

    Dang it noses over pretty hard on that first shift.
  16. Beadlocks & balancing

    I mounted my ET Street Rs on my own, then took them down to my local tire shop and had them balanced by them. I drive them on the street all the time no issues.
  17. Renegade tail lights clear coat flaking off, yet again.

    Thats good of them to do that. Maybe look into getting them ceramic coated or some kind of UV protection? I dunno just thinking out loud.
  18. The Carbon Core / Forgitec

    Same. It shows almost everything as out of stock and I emailed a couple times asking about it with no response.
  19. Kinetic crank saver question

    Ive had my Kinetic stud sitting on my work bench for like 6 months. I gotta slap that thing in.