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  1. 315/50/17 EtStreet R’s Installed

    Yes, I ran them all last season and they were great! I had to use both a 3/8 inch spacer as well as a 1/4” spacer to make the outer sidewall not rub the inner fender lip under full squat. This is with gt350 springs, I think they would be the same ride height as OEMGT Springs, but cannot...
  2. Steel GT350 TPMS on 2016 Mustang

    Oh they're hardcoded, well I guess I can kiss that idea goodbye. Have you ever seen any other steel options in the aftermarket that would work?
  3. Steel GT350 TPMS on 2016 Mustang

    Even with beadlocks one of my tpms sensors slid and became unseated at the track. I should be using steel stems but enjoy using the tpms on my race wheels. Anyone know if it’s possible to use these and just reprogram? I know it says “not compatible with Mustang GT’s” however I was hoping I...
  4. Where should I put the IAT sensor in TT build.

    To be completely honest it’s just what I’ve heard from a few different guys. They said over 20psi the ported boss will pickup gains over a gt350. I have not done any other research on this yet so I am definitely not married to this statement. I have not placed my order yet and this thread was...
  5. Where should I put the IAT sensor in TT build.

    A 1320junkie ported boss will outflow a gt350 especially on high boost is one reason, I won’t see much power gain but I will see some. Another reason is looks, I hate how the stock/gt350 sits so low… when I look at my engine bay I’d like the intake to sit up a little higher almost like a...
  6. Where should I put the IAT sensor in TT build.

    Thanks, ya I’m guessing that’s what I’ll end up doing. The first owner already had that harness and sensor in there so I can’t compare. I know Lund doesn’t like the sensor in the intake as he mentioned it to me a few yrs ago and Jay from 1320junkie laughed when we seen the current pic cause...
  7. Where should I put the IAT sensor in TT build.

    If I can help it I would rather not drill into the new intake. I was just hoping someone with a TT build would chime in as to where exactly they put there’s. I guess just a few inches back from the TB on the charge pipe then. 🤷‍♂️
  8. Where should I put the IAT sensor in TT build.

    Car has a gt350 intake with the a vmp breakout harness and iat sensor in runner #8. The first owner ran alky and did this. I’m switching intakes over to a ported boss 302 so trying to decide where I should relocate this sensor.
  9. *Solved Will Recaro seats from a 19 fit in a 16 premium?

    Scroll up and read through this thread..... Also this thread and you should have all your answers. :) https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/gt350-recaros-in-a-2016-gt-mustang-air-bag-light.131615/
  10. 6r80 remote dipstick/filler

    I pull trans every season for maintence/repairs and am so sick of the fill and check proceadures. I have a two post lift but still it’s just a messy pita! I ordered a coyote CJ dipstick from a guy on eBay who makes them. First off it’s not made for a car with factory a/c so you have to bend...
  11. 6g Promo Code

    @beefcake I know this is an old thread but Happen to have a coupon for this? https://www.beefcakeracing.com/bluestreak-eclutchkit/
  12. 4200lbs running 8’s on just 18psi!

    4200 is race weight with me and 1/2 tank of fuel. Without me it’s 3952lbs. It’s a premium with mods in signature. It has a few lighter weight mods including wheels, BMR k member, front and back bumper supports, carbon DS, Baer erasispeed front rotors, recaro seats instead of premium and rear...
  13. 4200lbs running 8’s on just 18psi!

    Oh nice man, will be a night and day difference!
  14. Rear end project is done!

    yes I was just messing around. Lol you got it! lol
  15. 4200lbs running 8’s on just 18psi!

    yessir, build list in in my signature. If you’re viewing this on a phone just turn it sideways to see.
  16. Rear end project is done!

    Oh ok yes, in your case I’m sure you’ll be fine then. Oh btw, the higher the M number is means the smaller diameter it is. M10 is bigger than m12 etc. good ol’ metric😉 Thanks and I agree.
  17. Rear end project is done!

    Haha ya man, these are probably like an M10. lol. Here’s the difference between BMR m14 diff bolts that I bent and snapped.
  18. Rear end project is done!

    Those are tiny bolts, if your using the Kelltrac Big Bertha bolts you have to grind a couple centimeters off, not much to make the bolt heads sit flat.
  19. Rear end project is done!

    Yup, The only pic I have where you can kinda see it is here, zoom in on the ears. Just used a rotary tool with an aluminum burr bit. Took 2mins.
  20. 4200lbs running 8’s on just 18psi!

    lol thanks it’s getting there.