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  1. Back 1/4 window weather strip

    The weather strip on my back 1/4 window has torn. Tried many things to repair it which did not work. I need to replace it. Links please
  2. auto door lock

    Is there a way to have auto door lock when you walk away from car?
  3. forscan on stereo

    I am going to install an amp myself on the factory head unit. It will save me a lot of money. I have heard people tweaking forscan settings to optimize the sound. Is the difference in sound major? Can someone share the tweaks?
  4. micro amp install

    Yes I did a search of the forum, youtube and google. I am going to get a micro amp I have not decided which one yet, Just looking for mounting options. Maybe behind display. In glove box. Behind glove box. Behind dash somewhere. Where would you guys mount it?
  5. help picking an amp

    I can get these amps here is the installed price from a local shop https://www.crutchfield.com/p_500KTP445U/Alpine-KTP-445U-Power-Pack.html I can get this on installed for 617$ https://www.crutchfield.com/p_20647KEY20/Kicker-47KEY200-4.html I can...
  6. line level adapter and amp

    I have decided to use my factory head unit but add an amp. Here is my questions. Which line level adapter? Do they have any that are plug and play with no cutting factory wires? Which amp? I have the factory base stereo with 6 speakers.
  7. side scoops

    I have some side scoops to install and hope to get some pointers and advice.
  8. trunk key stopped working

    On my convertible the trunk button on the dash stopped working. I used the key behind the seat cushion, now when I turn it nothing happens. It feels as if it is not turning the cable. How do I get into the trunk now? I do not have fol down seats.
  9. wires from BCM-B

    On a Mustang the rear tail light is a tribar design, Each bar is controlled by a different wire. QUESTION which wire colors control each bar of the tribar?
  10. miscommunication to BCM

    Shout out to K4fxd he came to work on the electronoics on my car. There is no communication between the BCM somewhere. Here is the symptom. On brake and turn signal the outter of the tribar lights do not light up. The button for the trunk release does not work. He hooked his laptop scanned and...
  11. parking brake cover

    Mine is warn and need a cover. What do you guys use to cover it, a stick on ar a rubber slide on?
  12. someone in KY help

    I need someone to reprogram a BCM in my Mustang, and can do it cheaply. I am in Elizabethtown about 40 miles south of Louisville. I will travel some. Please HELP
  13. Hook up an amp

    Can this be used to hook an amp in a car...
  14. faith healer

    My condition worsens I need a faith healer to lay hands on me and have God heal me. HELP
  15. vibrant quiet flow

    I am looking for these or something as good in 2.25 inch. Amazon has them for 111$
  16. Gas tank HELP PLEASE

    I bought a gas tank for my 2015 V6. They sent one for a GT and it seems (the garage says) it is different and there is no vent. Is this true? Is there a way to make it work?
  17. silicone wiper blades

    I have silicone wiper blades on. In fact this is the second set from 2 different manufacturer both do the same thing. They leave marks where the blades change directions. I can take magic eraser to get the marks off. Why do they do it and is there a way it will stop doing it?
  18. rear seat delete

    The rear seat is useless in my convertible. I am going to build a delete. What upholstery would matc
  19. Interior Trim Nuts

    The nuts that hols on the rear of the trunk panel, I am missing 3. Where can they be found. They are the ones when you open trunk and look down the plastic piece part of it goes over the latch.