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  1. Michigan Oem half shafts.

    I would agree. That is ludicrous.
  2. Michigan Oem half shafts.

    Taken off my 2018 gt. 12,000 miles, manual transmission pp1 package car. I pulled them for g force axles when i supercharged the car. $100 local pickup. I live in harrison township, mi. I will ship however the ship cost i will assume is going to be ludicrous.
  3. Ram clutches pedel height adjuster mount

    No problem. I kinda figured.
  4. Ram clutches pedel height adjuster mount

    $30 shipped in The USA?
  5. Ram clutches pedel height adjuster mount

    I have one left over i think.
  6. The wheels are falling off...

    When i seen the robotic welders building up the bodies working i was in awe. Seemingly 100 arms grabbing steel panels and welding them all together in concert at a amazing pace. Completely different in real life than seeing it on a tv screen However, as efficient as they were they are not smart...
  7. The wheels are falling off...

    You would be amazed at how much is assembled by non manufacturer hands. I deliver to a stellantis plant for work. The engines, transmission, dash, axles, ect all come to the plant completely assembled in what is called a sub assembly. That way at the line its just a few bolts and electrical...
  8. Can you modify the Whipple Tune?

    My tuner modified the whipple tune as well. No meow's kooks. He tweaked the whipple tune to accommodate the long tubes, messed with the fans, ect. He is a pretty conservative tuner as he dont want you to grenade a motor. He claims whipple has a pretty decent tune overall but could stand a few...
  9. 2K rattle gone (not to be confused with the typewriter/BBQ tick)

    Oh. I hear my hpfp tapping along at idle but after that it dont hear it anymore. I have longtubes and im 3in duals all the way back. Its close to stock noise with the active exhaust on quite however maybe my exhaust is just loud enough i dont hear it.
  10. 2K rattle gone (not to be confused with the typewriter/BBQ tick)

    The "rattle" you speak of. Are you talking about the "typewriter" tick? If so my buddy has a first gen coyote and his ticks too
  11. Why do shops always have to bullcorn?

    Yes. The 137mph deal i felt like they didnt believe me. The drive through i took a picture of the guy so it was hard to dispute. Not sure what the outcome was as i wont go back anymore. Got ride of dodge all together and will never buy one again
  12. Why do shops always have to bullcorn?

    Im with you. Before the mustang i had a scat pack charger. Took itbin for service and reset the max speed reading. Right when i picked it up i looked. And would you look at that. 137mph was the reading. Caught another guy at a different dealer taking my car out to lunch. Seen it on the road with...
  13. Street guys: even if you can’t use all you have, do you still want more?

    700hp to the tires and i still want more. Next step would be e85 but i dont want to have to map out who has e85 everywhere i go. At least if i cant find 93oct i can splash a touch of boostane in the tank to make my car happy.
  14. Considering selling my 2019 GT Premium. Private Party Market for stock cars anymore?

    I prefer unmolested cars myself for go fast parts. At least that way i know if the work was done right and im the only one pushing the car hard past what the manufacturer intended. I always feel bad for the next owner of 99% of the hellcat/scat pack/srt people. Buying a drive line that has...
  15. Opinions on lifetime wheel alignment

    I have had a few times they handed me the sheet saying its still "within spec" and ther is no need. more often than not its only one wheel that really needs to be moved. They are busy as hell all the time so i do need to make a appointment for just a alignment. Either way tire wear is good. No...
  16. Opinions on lifetime wheel alignment

    I have the lifetime from firestone on all my cars. To me its worth it. I live in michigan and our roads are trash. If you use it only two times its still cheaper in the end. I have my cars checked at least twice a year. If anything the tires will last a bit longer on my other cars. On the...
  17. How do I shift better/faster?

    I mean, you can money shift any manual transmission
  18. How do I shift better/faster?

    Dont worry about shifting fast. As long as your shifting right. Get in a hurry and you can money shift it and spit that rransmission all over the road. A short shifter will reduce the front to back travel and shave a little time. I have a mgw flat stick with the gripper ball. But for relaxed...
  19. Getting lighter wheels are a game changer.

    I went with p51 wheels if i recall they were 21lbs a wheel. Huge difference from the pp1 wheels. If i ever manage to buy baer eradispeed rotors i can shave another 25ish lbs off the unsprung weight.
  20. 10R80 is no PDK

    Wonder how difficult a gt500 dct trans swap would be