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  1. FordPass Modem Reset?

    Your only shot at getting that done free of charge is if the selling dealer was a Ford dealer; they should have done that, or made sure it was removed by previous owner. Otherwise, you're probably out of luck. Your last chance is FORScan; ask on the sticky to see if it's possible to do that...
  2. How often do you guys see other Bullitts on the road?

    I saw one in Albuquerque today. Oh wait; it was mine. Ha ha. And no others. Drove there today, for a painful biopsy at UNM Cancer Center. Drove back today as well, so it was a looong day. Put about 600 miles on the car. As a side note, was disappointed to find the freaking oil level at the top...
  3. Bullitt engine look vs Stock GT with engine cover

    The 4 studs where the engine cover goes I removed them (not an easy task, as they're long, and you need to over-extend the hoses a little, but just do it carefully, and there's no need to remove anything. I was going to leave those plastic things off, but engine looks weird, so just replaced the...
  4. Bullitt engine look vs Stock GT with engine cover

    Bullitt engines are much sexier... just like their owners. Ha ha. Having said that, the studs look like crap, so I replaced them with bolts. And the 2 engine ones just cut them off and sanded them flush. Looks better now. I'd have preferred an engine cover, but with the mods listed above, now I...
  5. Crashed don't even know wtf happened

    What did the insurance list as the cause of the accident? And I assume they put you at fault, right? If not, then I wouldn't even look for any evidence :).
  6. How long into the year will it be possible to order a Bullitt

    Looks like what I heard was correct. Somebody else reported PP1 ordering (including Bullitts) ended a few weeks ago. But still call, just to make sure. You can still buy a brand new one on its way, or close to production. Or a recently arrived (you can see the build date on the .pdf window...
  7. Effect of added weight on performance.

    Like many said already, you probably won't feel 38 lbs. However, do NOT keep going. Ha ha. Because the extra pounds certainly add up, just like on us. I put 30 with the jacking rails, rear and front braces. In my case, it was between that and a spare I might never need (plus a rear tire doesn't...
  8. Die hard Manual guys get in here!

    That's typically the case here, so manufacturers can charge extra for the slushbox. Or at least it was; now even the crappy cars are coming out all auto. The manual tranny is in its last breaths; that's for sure. Porsche is still making it, but now they're screwing manual drivers. Before, the...
  9. Center dash trim rattle! Need advise

    Will check that too, but in my case, it's the damn trim above the armrest, which is attached to the main door panel by melting plastic pins that act like rivets. Problem is it's not pushed hard enough against the panel, so there's a gap. When I push on it, the noise stops. It's worst toward the...
  10. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Thank you. So it's definitely heavier then. The stock seat is probably around 15 lbs IMO. So latches or no latches at the bottom??? An yes, those holes can be used as secret compartments.
  11. Question for the Guys with the newer shark fin antennas

    Is that in the APIM? That's the only module that changed for 2020. Haven't tried my 2019 Bullitt for the highest channel, but will try channel 301 next time I drive the car. I assume it won't work.
  12. Push starting a Mustang with a bad starter

    I'm on the camp that it cannot be done, at least not like the old days, like with a short push and tranny in 2nd gear the engine would fire up when releasing the clutch, even with a completely dead battery. That was in the carburetor AND distributor days. Today, the Mustang has neither...
  13. Center dash trim rattle! Need advise

    Glad I could help :). The less you take things apart (especially with this car), the better. And it's not needed in that case. Unfortunately for me, I'll have to tackle the damn doors (removing door panels) sooner or later. Going to ALB tomorrow, and see how it does, but took car to a mountain...
  14. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    That's the best I've seen. May I ask if you weighed both? Curious if there was any weight savings. And how about cabin noise? Is it noisier now, or about the same? And does it latch at the bottom, where the stock seat latches? I can see that there are latches at the top, but curious about the...
  15. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ : Do these come in NON Run Flat?

    I think the A/S4 is out, so you might want to get those instead. And yes, the ultra great majority of people get the non-RF version (including myself, on my ex-M3 V8), so not sure what the Michelin guy you talked to was smoking.
  16. Bullitt single horn - FIXED!

    That is correct; only 2019s (and not only Bullitts) have 1 horn. Stupid cost-cutting move.
  17. How long into the year will it be possible to order a Bullitt

    For what I read, it was kind of a 'forced' option. No US cars have been reported not having it, and remember reading not being able to opt out of it, but maybe it was possible. Also very important to remember this is the internet :), so just assume everything posted are just comments. Somebody...
  18. Bullitt mods

    The 2-piece stock lug nuts are absolute crap. I replaced them immediately. If you want stock-looking ones, get the 61148CXs. Take care.
  19. Bullitt mods

    Car looks good man... but it'd look better with black lug nuts :devil:. Get the Gorilla 61148BCXs.
  20. Crashed don't even know wtf happened

    You either hit something, or somebody hit you. Which one was it? If no car hit you, then you hit something. Were you distracted, or under medication? Was it dark? Sorry to hear of your accident, but hey, are least only the car was damaged. Sounds like you might have fallen asleep and hit a curb...