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  1. UAmach1

    Bullitt factory air intake

    It will depend on how large it is vs the Bullitts and if the Bullitt MAF housing fits. Really the only concern is if it's got less flow or now, which obviously wouldn't help, and if it's more flow it's not making it go to lean.
  2. UAmach1

    Whipple down on power, Then Motor blown

    Sounds like the engine initially got damaged the night you went racing and constantly driving and racing it when hurt made it worse. Driving a hurt engine on a Dyno is just dumb when you know the car has problems.
  3. UAmach1

    Inside Hood release

    If enough people show interest/pre-ordered could yo do a run of green?
  4. UAmach1

    Lots of New Bullitt's on Lot's

    They have all 3 options.
  5. UAmach1

    Bullitt Ordering

    They are still allotments. You may not need to order it to find one. There are over 24 on lots in a 100 mile radius by me.
  6. UAmach1

    GT500 engine block will actually make it into the GT350 once it’s in production

    Does that mean the GT500 heads could potentially fit on the GT350?
  7. UAmach1

    What the everloving ^%#%&^$

    If I remember they have to get the engines/MPG certified via the EPA for make the numbers to be final. Cant do that during a Govt shut down. FCA is in a similar issue on their new trucks.
  8. UAmach1

    We are fortunate to have a manual!

    Randy did the ZL1 and found the auto to be faster than the manual, but if I remember he had to spend time dialing in the auto's tire pressure to be just right for it.
  9. UAmach1

    We are fortunate to have a manual!

    Hey, I'm a millennial and I'm 36. I always prefer manual to auto. The problem is that MPG takes a hit with manual now when it used to be the other way around. Also with auto being faster many times there is less reason to want to learn manual. Autos now are also much more able to handle power...
  10. UAmach1

    Can anyone verify the ticking noise for Coyote engines?

    I cant wait to hear Carlisle this year. It's going to sound like everyone's shaking krylon cans lol.
  11. UAmach1

    Lemon Law Thread: How many have or are filing Lemon Law for their S550?

    As soon as the title is out of your name. I don't think you CAN insure a car not in your name, but I could be wrong.
  12. UAmach1

    Steeda's Bullitt Mustang Dyno Test & Tune

    Assuming about 15% loss, though I think modern manuals may be closer to about 12%, it's roughly 535-540 crank. Same as some GT500's. Interesting that we are already catching up with supercharged 5.4L's from like ~8-10yrs ago. Also more than the GT350.
  13. UAmach1

    Any Bullitt engine ticks?

    They run 5w-30 in Australia so it would be VERY hard/impossible for them to void based on that. The 2018 Manual even says that they recommend 30 for hot regions or track use.
  14. UAmach1

    2018 GT low rpm engine rattle, cylinder damage pics, Ford buyback process

    Yeah, wasn't exactly super long ago, but maybe 20yrs or so. Something definitely happened though. Maybe Ford telling people internally to stay hands off. Maybe someone tried to sue after breaking something saying that as a post by an Employee they were representing the company. a CYA thing.
  15. UAmach1

    2018 GT low rpm engine rattle, cylinder damage pics, Ford buyback process

    Heck, I remember when the best ported head you could get for the Zetec engines outside of Cosworth was actually a home done Port'n Polish from a retired Ford Escort engineer. His home port was better than even actual performance shops work. Around 2007+ it started to get rare to see actual Ford...
  16. UAmach1

    The true reason unveild behind Gen3 coyote tick. According to MPR racing engines

    That coating is also now being done in-house instead of the blocks being sent out to the company that created the process.
  17. UAmach1

    MPT Tune Officially out

    I just wanna point out that it's pretty crazy when a v6 with nearly the same mods a my 4.6 32v Mach1 had in 2005 is making almost the same numbers, just a bit lower tq. CAI, catted mid-pipe, catback, pulleys, 300whp/330wtq. Pretty awesome how things have come.
  18. UAmach1

    The true reason unveild behind Gen3 coyote tick. According to MPR racing engines

    I'm leaning towards it being a few issues bulked/mixed together: cavitation, piston slap, bad bearings. tolerance issues. Nearly everyone is reporting something along those lines in every case.
  19. UAmach1

    2019 Bullitt jumping out of first gear

    Sounds like it's not fully going into the gear. Have your dealer look at it, just talking to them won't fix anything.