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  1. V8_MOTOR

    Ferrada FR1 20inch Alloy Wheels

    Ferrada FR1 20 inch wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tyres. This is a staggered setup Front:20x9.5, 5x114.3 ET25 CB 73.1 with 265/35/20 tyres with 6mm to 7mm thread Rear: 20x10.5, 5x114.3 ET38 CB 73.1 285/35/20 tyres with 3.5mm to 4mm There is one noticeable mark where I have chipped the...
  2. V8_MOTOR

    What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    After buying these and having them resprayed and absolutely fudged by the workshop with marks and the worst orange peel ever, it took me a week (around 50 hours) to get these looking good with a mirror finish.
  3. V8_MOTOR

    The Tri bar LED / Sequential Indicator Sticky thread!

    Typically, businesses that offer this service have one set ready. So you go and give them yours and they put the one they have ready on yours. Then, they modify the lights you have them and they install them on the next person to come etc. The £1000 would be for an exchange service I believe...
  4. V8_MOTOR

    11 to 20 Stifflers Driveshaft Safety Loop Auto/Manual

    For sale as I went for a Carbon Fibre Driveshaft so installing this would be pointless. Condition is new with storage marks. The hardware is still sealed. A MUST if running a single piece aluminum driveshaft. Asking £120 collected. Happy to ship and work something out...
  5. V8_MOTOR

    Indiana UPR Toe Links

    Pm sent.
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    BMR Tech Tip: Check those axle-to-spindle retaining nuts!

    I think I'm getting the same noise as everyone else. Mine is an Auto and the noise doesn't happen when I start driving. Something happens on the drive whether it's acceleration or deceleration etc and then this clunk starts to happen. When parked. Happens when going from D to R and or R to D...
  7. V8_MOTOR

    Photograph of the Month - September 2020. Guidelines in post #1

    This was a photo taken a photographer I met at a local supermarket. It's a combination of 30+ photos hence such amazing quality.
  8. V8_MOTOR

    Rear clunk - video

    I have the exact same issue on an auto. Left rear 100% I have a carbon fibre driveshaft and 800hp half shafts ready to go on. Hoping that will solve the noise but I think it might be a bushings or a loose nuts etc. Often the noise isn't there when I initially drive off and the car has been...
  9. V8_MOTOR

    LED sidelight bulbs

    I think they are decent. I ended up buying coplus indicators. Where are you based? I'll send a pair. Just pay shipping. DM.
  10. V8_MOTOR

    LED sidelight bulbs

    Side bulbs as in the ones next to the indicators? I think I have a bag full
  11. V8_MOTOR

    Photograph of the Month - August 2020. Guidelines in post #1

    I liked the sky so pulled over and took a photo.
  12. V8_MOTOR

    WANTED: Stock Steering Wheel

    No problem. Sounds good to me. Probably cost me more in fuel to drive to MM and back but I'm always up for a drive in the pony.
  13. V8_MOTOR

    WANTED: Stock Steering Wheel

    O dang. I'll still have one if you don't mind. I can pay for the shipping. I ended up buying one from the States only because it had all the buttons and paddle shifters etc with it.
  14. V8_MOTOR

    WANTED: Stock Steering Wheel

    As the title says 15 to 17 steering wheel. Let me know if you have one and how much you want for it. Thanks.
  15. V8_MOTOR

    Photograph of the Month - July 2020. Guidelines in post #1

    Two of the most iconic cars in the world. Well over 1000hp in this photo. East vs West. United in going fast and burning rubber.
  16. V8_MOTOR

    Interesting read

    You'd be lucky if someone comments on an Audi S5. People will always have something to say about a mustang. How they may have driven one or it was their fathers dream car or they want to do the route 66 in one etc. People aren't doing road trips in a S5 diesel.