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  1. qtrracer

    Old fart here

    I'm old enough to not remember that I might know better or what giving a shit means. :crazy:
  2. qtrracer

    Old fart here

    73, but young for my age😎. Autocrossed and open tracked the car regularly until Covid. Do my own work including adding the KWv3 suspension and resonator delete/x-pipe, etc.
  3. qtrracer

    PAID OFF! Celebration!

    After 2008, our residential RE took more than 10 years to recover to pre-2008 levels, and that was in a very hot market. Residential RE on average increases about 3% a year. Compare that to the 10% annual stock market average. FCF analysis is important to determine one's financial health, but...
  4. qtrracer

    PAID OFF! Celebration!

    I've been in the equity markets since before '87. I've seen and weathered many ups and downs, and still the 10% average return holds. I am a huge Warren Buffet fan and before I retired had 95% invested. Always bought when the market went down; never went to the sidelines. Now I pay people to...
  5. qtrracer

    Stealth Hitch

    The '86 is lowered; full MM suspension. PHB hangs down further than the hitch receiver. But the rear overhang is pretty short. I needed the hitch to pull a trailer for my A/X and track day tires and paraphinella, but didn't want to see it when not in use, which is most of the time. The cost was...
  6. qtrracer

    Stealth Hitch

    See post #98 in this thread. That pic is of the receiver only. I'd have to look for one with the hitch put in the receiver.
  7. qtrracer

    Stealth Hitch

    There is the custom choice. But custom is expensive. I had one built for my Fox. The receiver is completely hidden from view, tucked up behind the lower valance at an angle. The hitch piece looks like an elongated horseshoe and curves around the valance and ends up just below the bumper. The...
  8. qtrracer

    MT82 & MT82-D4 Class Action; Case # 2:19-cv-09773 FMO(Ex)

    That pleading was very hard to read. The lawyers put so many different issues in each allegation that Ford should have no problem denying each and every one and calling for strict proof on each. The prayer for relief is typical ask for the moon, but there is no public policy issue; mere economic...
  9. qtrracer

    Car seems like it bogs in first?

    OP - FWIW, I found that when auto crossing my car with the nannies on and not in "Track" mode, there is a hesitation when going from off throttle to near WOT when coming out of a corner - very much like a bog. If I switched to Track mode (still leaving the nannies on) the hesitation was gone...
  10. qtrracer

    2020 Shelby GT500 vs. GT350R: Autocross Back-to-Back Comparison

    If the driver was at the pointy end of FTD, then a 50 sec course might be pretty big. If not, then getting these big cars around a tight course is a challenge. Those Miatas routinely spank the more powerful muscle. Our WDCR SCCA courses held at FedEx are big but sometimes the courses are faster...
  11. qtrracer

    Would you take out an 8 year car loan for a car you cannot afford?

    We didn't start getting tired of this until recently. We're just done but stay with it given the stock market returns. We've also got another car project that uses some resources. It would be nice to not have to budget both.
  12. qtrracer

    Would you take out an 8 year car loan for a car you cannot afford?

    FWIW, we're about 16 months from paying off the 2016's zero interest Ford loan (100% financed - none of our money was used). But the payment is getting old; very old. Believe me when I say we've considered paying this thing off early. But my financial sense knows that is not the way to go...
  13. qtrracer

    Performance Pack Spare Tire

    Took my '16 to the dealer for it's scheduled oil change/inspection (pre-purchased). They did the tire rotation too. But it's a PP car. I didn't know they did the rotation, so when I was tracking the car I was surprised to hear the front tire rubbing. I still drove the car another week before I...
  14. qtrracer

    What are you favorite first mods on your S550 Mustang?

    KW v3 suspension followed by resonator delete/x-pipe replacement.
  15. qtrracer

    These bad boyz have arrived (lightweight rotors, raised lateral links): Will share impressions soon

    FWIW, I bump steered my Fox chassis. Very involved, time consuming process. And I had to buy the tool to do it. On the fox I had to remove the C/O springs in order to get the suspesion in full droop, and meassuered along the entire range - both sides. Then put it all back together. After that...
  16. qtrracer

    2016 Mustang Cracked Bumper and detached clips

    My 2016 apparently was bumped in the parking lot enough to snap the front bumper's retaining clips on one side. No other damage, but the cover was sticking out a bit. According to the dealer the broken clips render the cover non repairable. So, insurance claim and replaced cover. I was very...
  17. qtrracer

    Would you take out an 8 year car loan for a car you cannot afford?

    Jeez Norm, right with you. I'm also 72, retired, on a Fed pension, SS, and RMDs. Wife is 12 years younger, also retired, but we don't need withdrawals from her investments and she's not eligible for SS yet; just her pension. We sold the big house and moved into our new down-sized version with...
  18. qtrracer

    Today’s car guys vs yesterdays car guys?

    I do most of my own work, including but not limited to suspension (springs, struts, torque arms, a-arms, etc.), alignments, oil changes (when not part of a special deal), brake pads, rotors, lines and flushes, sensors, and some electronics (e.g., stereo and old EFI). I even corner weighted...
  19. qtrracer

    Getting A Little Nervous Driving This Thing

    Hate driving in DC. When I worked down there I took the metro since the office was right above a station. Bought the s550 after job moved to Woodlawn near Balto. Took ICC to 29 both ways; much safer and enjoyable