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  1. strut tower bracing?

    a friend installed aftermarket sway bars on his 650(eibach adjustable),which did not come with a strut tower brace from the factory...i also saw a new "RTR" 650 without a brace,it would seem to me that bigger bars or stiffer springs could add even more flex to the strut tower area....or would it...
  2. michelin pilotsport as3+ to ps4s swap

    had a small window after the storms to try the new michelin "PS4S" (255-40-19/275-40-19) today,had them installed at the local ford dealership(hull/dobbs,birmingham)their price was in line with everyone else for mount/balance and align on hunter hawkeye.very expensive tire normally,and i took...
  3. Alabama pilot sports 4s

    wanted,275-40-19 michelins ps4s tires near alabama,take-off or low miles for realistic price...in or near birmingham,al
  4. suspension mods without lowering?

    what suspension mods would be most effective for a "daily driver/grocery getter/backroads car" with out lowering the car? my 21 base gt(A-10)currently had "FPR strut tower brace and BMR jacking rails.i've sat in lowered cars,and at 70 yrs old..it's not a pretty sight to see me try and get...