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  1. CORSA Exhaust for 2018 GT / Active & Non-Active

    Will there be an active corsa extreme for the 6th gen camaro!? Loved Corsa on the mustang.
  2. Guess what? Motortrend favors the Camaro again

    I had a 2015 mustang GT/PP and now i have a 2017 SS/1LE. The mustang is cheaper overall, going by MSRP. Chevy cannot sell the Camaro, look at their commercials, all about JDPower awards nothing specific to Camaro. No specific advertising/marketing for the Camaro at all. The Challenger probably...
  3. GT PP2 or gt350 or SS1LE

    smart move, do what is best financially always. OMG are people still ford vs chevy? its 2017 get over it.
  4. Performance Pack Tires... done in under 6,700 miles...WTF?

    not sure what you are doing to the car, but OEM summer pirelli's lasted me 2 winters and 19k miles before they were bald.
  5. Is she totaled?

    Hello, Someone just totaled my car about a two weeks ago. Made a left turn at an intersection on a yellow light. Went through my insurance for it to be quicker determination of fault may take a while. I got a check in hand about a week later and bought a new car. Once fault is determined i will...
  6. Tips after accident

    Hello, just had mine totaled. File a claim with your insurance and pay the deductible. Get the police report. Get the car repaired or totaled, while insurance companies fight for liability. My car was totaled at 22k 2015 mustang gt/pp. I got 32.5k actual cash value and i only owed 24k. So i...
  7. Gt 5.0 vs 2017 Camaro 1LE

    I think i may get the 1LE. MSRP is 45k, and dealer near me has 3 for 39k i can probably get lower. Someone totaled my mustang, the 1LE package is nice.
  8. Is compound really needed?

    depending on where you live you may not even need to clay bar. Just wash and wax, if no paint correction is needed. Polish once a year, there is no time frame whether it needs it or not. If there are no scratches or swirls, no point in removing some clear coat.
  9. Summer tires for daily driver?

    depends where you live. I drove stock summer P zero for 2 years (2 winters as well) rears latest 19k. Just got MPSS so much better, plan on doing the same.
  10. P Zero's

    you live in jersey, i wouldn't even worry about all season or winter tires. I drove on Pzeros last two winters and were fine. Just put on Pilot super sports plan on doing the same. Just cant drive like you would in the summer and you'll be fine. Roads are pretty much clear the next day after...
  11. Base or Premium GT

    I wanted the premium, but i could not find one. I wanted Performance package and Recaros seats and in black. I could not find a mustang without special order, with all 4. So i got PP,Recaros, Black and 0% interest, plus money off so the deal i could not pass up. Touch Screen does not matter to...
  12. Winter tire options advice needed

    lol, never used winter tires. Used stock pirellis past two winters. If it snows i can work from home. No real reason to buy winter tires in NJ. Roads are clear next day. Just mounted MPSS, rears on pirellis lasted ~19k, probably could have gotten another 1k out of them.
  13. 2017 or 2018 Stang - Decisions, Decisions

    buy now if you can afford it, if you wait you will end up waiting too long. There is always something new around the corner. Next gen will be 2020.
  14. New Tires and Psi....

    That is the thing, the physical was correct when i had the pirellis, maybe -/+ 1 psi from senors. Maybe ill try another physical gauge and see if it comes out to the same readings. When they replace my tires they do not have to re calibrate the senors?
  15. Base radio music Sync/Iphone/Bluetooth

    Hello, I am having a problem playing music from my iphone over bluetooth, everything was fine up until a couple days ago. I can connect the phone over bluetooth, but when i try and play music over sync bluetooth it disconnects my phone. Before i could just sync my phone and play music over...
  16. New Tires and Psi....

    Hello, I have just installed new Pilot Super Sports over the weekend. I noticed that the PSI mounted was 40 psi from tpms readings, which is too high. I waited a few days, and checked when the tires were cold. My physical gauge says they are 32 psi and the tpms readings say 37 psi when cold...
  17. Which Corsa exhaust?

    I just installed Corsa Extreme, i love the sound. But be prepared the Cold Start is loud, you may annoy people. I am considering parking in my Complex's office parking lot not to annoy anyone at 7:30am every day. It can be controlled if you shift around 2k, but gets loud about 2.5k and...
  18. Passing in 6th gear.

    6th is limp mode, unless your going 130+
  19. Tax Return Purchase Ideas

    neither, just save the money. Unless you want to turn your car into a track car... its fine as is, not perfect but fine. You should adjust your withholdings. Should not give your money to the government interest free, just to get it back later. I'd rather owe 200 dollars than get a refund.