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  1. cbdallas

    I know it’s a Lexus but............

    I'd love it if Lexus would figure out that the grille is over. Hyundai's doing it now, that means its time to move on.
  2. cbdallas

    Parking a GT350 outside house?

    Piece of advice: Keep it off the street. I'll never do it again.
  3. cbdallas

    2022 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing Gets a Glorious 668-HP V-8 and a Manual

    I guess their plan is show us how great it can be before ripping it away & handing us a refrigerator.
  4. cbdallas

    10 Speed Auto or 6 Speed Manual, what say you?

    If I was shopping for a Mustang today, it'd be a manual. At 5/10 or above, the A10 is a masterpiece. Crisp shifts, always in the power band, almost telepathic downshifts. Mine was just never happy cruising on the freeway or dealing with the commute stop & go. Rough and un-refined. Got a...
  5. cbdallas

    Grinding When Letting Off Clutch

    I've experienced plenty of clutch & manual trans woes in my life. Squealing throw-out bearings, bad synchros, disintegrating pressure plates, etc. but I've never heard what sounds exactly like gear grind after a gear is already engaged and the clutch is being released. I hope your tech is...
  6. cbdallas

    Grinding When Letting Off Clutch

    That's bizarre. A grind after you've already engaged the gear. Input shaft issue?
  7. cbdallas

    Strange request from the Ford dealership

    Very sorry that you think people who use common sense are small-minded. The bottom line is that if you can't / are unwilling to test drive something before you buy it, and it turns out to suck, don't expect anyone else to fix it for you. Laziness does not pay in many real-life situations, as...
  8. cbdallas

    Too much engine coolant?

    I don't think it damages anything, but it takes a long time for the stink and oily film to go away. I hate spilling coolant, because then it can look like you have a leak and the smell comes through the vents. Same with overfilling the bottle and it overflows.
  9. cbdallas

    What's Your Favorite Detailing Tools

    What are you using to clean the insides of the wheels? I see something sitting in your bucket, but can't tell what it is.
  10. cbdallas

    Too much engine coolant?

    With a stone-cold engine, suck enough out to put it at the "Min" line. That's where my Mustang and Focus coolant levels ride. That's enough to keep air out of the system, without causing it burp coolant into the engine bay. Has it been this high since you bought it?
  11. cbdallas

    Strange request from the Ford dealership

    Not quite sure how you arrived at "insecurity" when someone is taken aback that the new owner of his truck is having buyer's remorse and is expecting the dealership & previous owner to step forward to fix something he should've realized before purchase. You get what you deserve if you don't...
  12. cbdallas

    Strange request from the Ford dealership

    There are such things as test drives, and maybe that dude should've gone on one before he bought your Raptor. Some people just can't resist letting their stupid show.
  13. cbdallas

    Impressive paintless dent repair

    I've had Dent Mechanic Group pull some out of both Mustangs. The hood of the coupe (my California Duster fell off the shelf and actually left a dent), and the door of the convertible (door ding). I was never able to see where the dents were, and I really look at stuff when I'm drying off the...
  14. cbdallas

    Grill Shutters..why, how, and when

    They may even close or partially close at highway speeds with the A/C on. Cooling fans in some cars won't come on above a certain speed. Found this out in the service manual for my '85 Laser when I was trying to get the cooling fan issue resolved.
  15. cbdallas

    Grill Shutters..why, how, and when

    Before long, I will be removing the shutters from my Focus and zip-tying the motor to something secure. Not going to wait for them to fail before I resolve the issue.
  16. cbdallas

    If you could have any - one - car, what would it be and why did you choose it?

    I've been obsessed with the 911 since I was 13. I'll always want one. It's the car that makes me buy lottery tickets.
  17. cbdallas

    Grill Shutters..why, how, and when

    In regard to fast warmups, what goes on in front of the radiator is irrelevant until your thermostat opens, which should be around 180 degrees. The quickest way to heat the engine to 180 degrees is to drive it, versus waiting for it to warm up at idle. Shutters won't help much in that regard...
  18. cbdallas

    Burning rubber smell in snow

    Sounds like brakes. Traction control (and maybe stability control, depending on how you're driving) are working overtime keeping traction. The is heating up your brakes, and that smell is making its way to the cowl.
  19. cbdallas

    Anybody here still work out?

    They re-opened the gym for limited hours at my office, but didn't re-open the locker room. I normally worked out before work, and showered. They close the gym in the afternoon, so after work is out of the question. I'm not about to get sweaty during my lunch hour with no ability to shower...