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  1. Tailgaters

    It's just easier that way. Not all the freeways are Interstates, but they are all "the". Lol.
  2. Tailgaters

    It's an easy habit to pick up though. My wife is from a small town in Oklahoma and picked it up like day 2 of being here.
  3. Tailgaters

    I usually set the cruise at 10-15 over on the freeway (normal flow of traffic) and hang out in the number 3 lane as much as possible. Really only use the 4 for passing, but with the way everyone around here drives, I usually pass in the 2 or 1.
  4. Tailgaters

    CA thing. It's because we already had "the" freeways before the US adopted a numbering system...
  5. Iconic Silver Pics

    Has anyone found a color match wrap? I don't need it now, but I'm looking to wrap some stuff in the future...
  6. Valets and sticks.

    Your sister married a woman? Nothing wrong with that.
  7. Does Ford Have a Mustang Surprise for the 60th Anniversary?

  8. Cabin filter access

    Yes, changed mine a short time ago; it was filthy.
  9. San Diego, Temecula, Orange Area (Corona, Riverside, LA & Imperial County)!

    So... anything still happening in the area? Any C&C/meetups/wrenching parties/cruises/just people meeting up? My car is still pretty much stock, except for a cool new vent-mounted air freshener, but I'm up for ideas. Especially if said ideas involve heading somewhere my wife might like to go, so...
  10. Valets and sticks.

    "I thought it was a manual because it was really jerky, but there was no third pedal."
  11. Valets and sticks.

    I had a valet one comment on the DCT in my wife's Kona. I tried to explain it, but you could tell I was talking to a wall...
  12. I HATE the roads in Maryland.

    All the rain we've had lately has not done our roads any favors.
  13. I HATE the roads in Maryland.

    Temecula/ Murrieta is pretty good at repairing them. Hemet, Perris and Elsinore, not so much...:explode:
  14. Brake Cooling for Inverted Hat Style Rotors (Base Mustangs)

  15. 2020 Roof leak take a look please 🙏

    I'll never understand that.....you buy something with your own money and use it how you want to.... how dare you.
  16. San Diego, Temecula, Orange Area (Corona, Riverside, LA & Imperial County)!

    Interested in trying it at least once. I'll keep an eye out for others around the forums maybe doing something up. And, yeah, as a DD, I'll be easy on it for sure. Not trying to post "best times", just looking for a good day out.
  17. S550 mustang floating at high speeds

    Can confirm with my own independent testing.