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  1. Need suggestions Sorting my Tire/Wheel Situation.

    HI All, found a great deal too good to resist so I now have 4 apex VS5 19x10's in the garage. I am one year in with the PP Stock wheels with quite a bit of thread left. I am open to suggestions on what you would do it you were in my shoes: 1. 275/40 or 285/35 on the new Apex wheels? 2...
  2. Question on Advanced Wheel Locks.

    I was wondering if anyone had these. I am curious if it is easy to torque to 150ft/lb. I imagine it may be a challenge to keep the lug wrench in place while tightening.
  3. Shelby Super Snake Intro

  4. Deal Alert: Tools

    I am pleasantly surprised at discovering a new hobby after I acquired my Mustang. I am increasingly drawn to doing tinker work on it. With the abundance of resources available online, I have gained confidence in doing things to it that I wouldn't have considered doing in the past. Having...
  5. Rear end knock as I surge forward at slow speed.

    I found a video on you tube of the noise I’ve been hearing from the rear of my Mach 1. I will bring it in this weekend but based on the comments, its a 50/50 if it will be resolved. Anyone else have this issue?
  6. Problem with PPF?

    I’ve been hesitant to put PPF on my car because of images like this. Has there been an advancement in the materials that would keep it from turning into this image eventually?
  7. Stock Mach 1 Nuburgring

    I don’t think I’ll ever be “better than my car” but its good to know it is forgiving to learning drivers like me.
  8. Launch control control.

    Anyone know when launch control surrenders command of the throttle back? Is it when you let go of the clutch completely, start to release the clutch, or when it senses engine load? Im thinking of going half throttle to launch at a preset rpm and modulating right at the bite point to minimize...
  9. Wheel selection site?

    Im curious if anyone knows of a site that gives a preview of the wheels with your car color. The best I can do right now other than looking at pictures online is Grand Turismo.
  10. I hate Trucks!

    Talk about random bad luck. Another parking lot photo would have prevented this pebble disaster on the way home. No amount of distance is safe from a truck. In this case it was a half ton with no mud flaps. It puts into perspective the value of a second and how impactful it can be. Im...
  11. Best way to Jack up S550

    Im looking for guidance on how to safely raise my Mach 1 on jack stands using a standard floor jack. I will install jacking rails and change the oil. I will also inspect the undercarriage for loose bolts as I tend to get knocking at low speeds when I modulate the throttle. Is it safe to do...
  12. Model Cars

    I was not expecting to buy at Costco but I saw these three for 17 each and pulled the trigger. I may not have them in real life but its the same family. I hope its not the beginning of a whole room full of mustang items.
  13. Pedal upgrade?

    I’m looking at adding pedal covers to add interior appeal/functionality. I have a manual. Any suggestions/photos appreciated.
  14. New Fourth of July Tradition?

    I think there should be a parade of American muscle cars and trucks every fourth with flags and all. The noisier the better. Around 30 plus vehicles old and new going from one neighborhood to another. What an awesome display that would be of what America is all about.
  15. Colored Spoiler

    Wanted to share before I take it off. Had some vinyl floating around and decided to see how it would look. Wrong shade of red is not doing it for me. Draws too much attention. If It was a red that matched the factory decal it could be a maybe..
  16. Oil filter magnet?

    I saw these oil filter magnets for sale and Im wondering if anyone is using these? In principle, it sounds like a good idea but it seems like something that’s likely to get tossed accidentally. Also, It may set your engine up for a catastrophic failure if a ‘large’ metal chunk were to get...
  17. Stock H Pipe on Mach 1?

    Ran into this on the Ford Manual. Apparently already has a high flow H pipe. Trying to weigh my next upgrade. Max speed for the automatics is electronically limited? Can a tune fix this?
  18. Track Attack!!!

    I just graduated yesterday from Track Attack and I wanted to share some insights. If you are on the edge of doing it, DO IT!!! Especially if you are new to track. All the Instructor staff are professional drivers and are very willing to teach. Come prepared with Mach 1 questions and you are...
  19. Accelerometer interpretation.

    It took me a while to figure out how to get this screen but Im wondering how I got the lateral g’s. It hasn’t been reset so its from mile 0. Im also wondering abt the brake g’s as I dont recall ever braking that hard…..factory testing maybe? I got the car with 4 miles. (Accel g’s are...
  20. Chime in: “If I could redo Track Attack again I would…..”

    Im looking for tips and suggestions, regrets, from those who have done it so that I can maximize the day when I go.