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  1. 274 vs 285 vs brushless

    Looking at doing a radium hat and looking for opinions on on pumps. Is twin 274s enough on e85 to support 900whp? Brushless ti e5lm pump looks like a solid option but any one have experience with it? Looking for a reliable setup i put a ton of miles on my car. Car is a 19 gen 5 whipple.
  2. Gen 3 check your valve cover bolts!

    Was getting smoke on acceleration then progressed to a larger leak and smoke. Found the lower valve cover bolts by the manifolds backed almost all the way off. This engine has never had the valve covers off before. Ford really needs to stop removing bolts to save money. Gen 1 has more bolts in...
  3. Whipple air filter cleaning

    Any one know the recommended procedure for cleaning the air filter? Is it cleanable?
  4. Vp octanium unleaded

    Decided to try some in my whipple stage 1 19 mustang (lund tune). Was seeing 15-16* now it seems to hit lunds timing cap at 19*. If it fouls out the plugs i have a set ready to go in anyways. Don’t want to buy a fuel system yet so this seemed to scratch that itch.
  5. Whipple gen5 tensioner markings

    Any one know what the ideal setting is on the gen5 tensioner? The tensioner has an arrow and increments on it. Checked the manual and can’t find the ideal setting.
  6. Gen 5 whipple from 2019 5.0 to gt350?

    Any one know what the difference is between the 5.0 kit and the 350? Im getting the strong itch to sell my gt for a 350 and swap the blower on the 350.
  7. SVE Sp2 bronze touch up paint?

    Any one have any idea where to get it?
  8. 10r80 builders in michigan

    Any one know of a good shop around Michigan to put 10r80 frictions and steels in?
  9. Tips on stripe removal?

    I have a 2019gt with the black center stripe, any tips on removing it? I heard a lot of adhesive will be left behind.