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  1. Best looking Mustangs from each generation

    Oh ya I have all the decals. One on each fender and on the hatch. I'm keeping it original, kinda. It has a t3 t4 hybrid on it now and getting a better MAF and intercooler. One of 3200 made. It's a blast to drive. I've had several foxes over the years. This one feels nimble.
  2. Best looking Mustangs from each generation

    It's the little turbo cars back in the day that surprised you . I know its not a 85 or 6 😄 but this is my 84 gt turbo I'm finishing now.
  3. Best looking Mustangs from each generation

    Lol I won't be around for that.
  4. Best looking Mustangs from each generation

    1-69 boss 429 2- Pinto wagon 3- 85 saleen 4- terminator 5- da boss 6- 350r heritage 7- pinto again
  5. 3.73 on base model 2015 gt non pp

    I don't do the tuning part but my analogy was I run a restoration shop. Your in Florida there's alot of good tuners down there. I'm sure someone will chime in and recommend someone.
  6. 3.73 on base model 2015 gt non pp

    Your going to force feed your coyote in the future personally I would keep the 331s. It will pull like a train. I like my girls long legged
  7. 3.73 on base model 2015 gt non pp

    A good tuner would educate their customers on products and techniques. It's to their own benefit. Make a customer happy and They will sell more. Make more money. Get more customers. It's a terrible viscous circle that I make a good living at . 😀
  8. 3.73 on base model 2015 gt non pp

    Wow. Ok you're obviously green to modifying cars . No problem we all start sometime. It's like a 10 speed bicycle you physically change ratios by changing sprockets. So the same applies to your rear differential. You need to change the gears ( spockets) to change ratios. Then you have your...
  9. Mach 1 hoodstripe damage or maintenance/repair?

    I knew it would come off. Nobody in their right mind would hit that with a buffer. It was hit with a random orbital while applying the cheap delivery wax. Mine was covered in it.. Great job now go put some miles on it. 😀
  10. Mach 1 hoodstripe damage or maintenance/repair?

    I use maguires final inspection and Adam's detail spray when removing buff compounds. I also use it to "dress" the vinyl before I wax so if this happens it doesn't stick and comes right off.
  11. Mach 1 hoodstripe damage or maintenance/repair?

    That should come off with a little detailspray a microfiber. If it doesn't work dont mess with it. I would bring it back. Let them fix it. Or bring it to a reputable detailer. Good luck and enjoy your new Mach
  12. Lost my Cat Today

    So sorry to hear. It is very tough losing a family member. I lost my girl Rubicon Four Wheel Drive. ( ya that was her name ) 15 years old. Love to ride on the dash of the motorhome going camping. Smartest cat ive ever had. I'm still messed up. We have alot of kind people on this forum. You'll...
  13. 2.9 whipple 2015 mustang suddenly became slow

    Im a simple man. Belt slipping? Is that a thing with those air forcification gizmos? Lol
  14. Friendly inspection places in MA?

    I don't think 5% difference will matter. Barely noticeable. Unless they actually pull out a light meter. I doubt it. I see alot of dark tinted windows in mass. I wouldn't worry.
  15. Whippled Mach 1 vs GT500

    Ya any of you 350R guys want to get rid of that flat plane hand grenade I guess I could be a nice guy and take it off your hands.😎
  16. Whippled Mach 1 vs GT500

    Lots of opinions here. Only one matters. I wouldn't do any purchasing until you have some substantial seat time and make you own educated decision. Me personally love and want the set up you have and would NEVER give up my tremec.
  17. Sold my Mach 1 - Kinda Sad/Kinda Not

    Love the black wing. A freind had me build him one online then ordered it to tease me .Great car.looks good next to his fleet of white shelbys. A little heavy on the track. But it pulls like a train on the straights. And you get to go to the black wing academy. Congratulations. Have a blast.
  18. Introduce yourself!!

    I love the boysenberry. Cool color.
  19. 2022 Mach 1 Blowing Noise at 45 MPH

    Has the windshield or any glass been replaced? Panel alignment ok? Doors deck lid seals. You said you had side louvers do you have one on the back glass? Theses cars a pretty aerodynamic so any thing that alters air flow will create noise.