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  1. Mach 1 hoodstripe damage or maintenance/repair?

    The cerma8c m The ceramic shouldn't have much effect on the stripe at all. Mine still looks great, and you can still feel the texture of the stripe. If anything it might make it slightly more satin.
  2. 2k-2500k Rattle

    But HOW do you know this?
  3. Carbon trap removal, +18 hp ??

    Jesus Christ people. It's a carbon trap, not nuclear fission.
  4. Steeda H-pipe on the Mach 1

    Like I said, there is almost no difference in sound between normal, sport, and track modes with the Steeda h-pipe. They sound all pretty much the same. Which too me negates the fun of having active exhaust. But If you keep it under 3k, you won't have drone in any mode while cruising.
  5. Carbon trap removal, +18 hp ??

    Makes sense. You wouldn't "feel" a HP increase that small, but less air flow restriction usually does make the throttle feel a little snapier.
  6. Carbon trap removal, +18 hp ??

    I don't disagree with you, but perhaps what the OP feels is simply better throttle response with out the air flow restriction.
  7. Steeda H-pipe on the Mach 1

    Quiet mode is still quiet. No drone on the highway. But in any other mode around town the volume was a bit much for me. I found myself shifting early because the 3-5k band was so loud and droney inside the cabin. There was also little to no difference in the other exhaust modes except quiet...
  8. Steeda H-pipe on the Mach 1

    I'm surprised by your assessment of that H-pipe. I found mine to be too aggressive for daily driving so switched back to the factory resonator.
  9. Mach 1 hoodstripe damage or maintenance/repair?

    Man, I'm happy that came off. I couldn't tell if that was wax or scratches. Whew. Moving forward, you need to be carefull what you use on the matte stripe. Most cleaners and details sprays have polymers that will make the stripe more glossy and you will lose the matte finish. I used Chemical...
  10. 285/35/19 305/35/19 on Mach HP wheels

    I've heard nothing but good things about Continentals. The reviews seem dead even with the PS4s. I'm still not sure of the difference between the sport contact 6s and the extreme contact sport 2s. Both are listed as a max performance summer tire. With the extreem contact sport 2 suposedly...
  11. Rear HP spoiler rubbing paint on deck lid

    I persinally think it's from using that particular spoiler to close the trunk, but who knows. If it bothered me enough I'd take off the spoiler and use something to pad the underside. But my touch up paint seems to me holding up well with ceramic coating.
  12. 285/35/19 305/35/19 on Mach HP wheels

    I'm looking at 285 front and 295 rear. Conti doesn't make a 305/35. Michelin makes it in the PSS tire, but I'm too OCD to go with mismatched front and rear tires like Charlemagne. 🤣 Read this thread from the start. All your questions have been covered. Be sure to check out Charlemagne and MLO...
  13. 285/35/19 305/35/19 on Mach HP wheels

    He is. And I think it looks pretty good on his car. I will probably switch to the same setup on my HP wheels using Conti tires shortly.
  14. Rear HP spoiler rubbing paint on deck lid

    If the spoiler is rubbing, it will go right through the ppf.
  15. Rear HP spoiler rubbing paint on deck lid

    You misunderstand lol. The point is ppf protects against rock chips. Using it under your spoiler for this application is totally unnecessary.
  16. Rear HP spoiler rubbing paint on deck lid

    Why on earth would you ppf under the rear spoiler? If you are getting rock chips there, you have much bigger problems.
  17. Steeda magnaride progressive sport springs

    Do you Feel the ride quality improved over stock? I wouldn't sweat a 3/16 - 1/4 difference. Like I said, mine is the same amount on that side too. And my previous unmodified GT was also off by the same anount on that side. I'd bet it was like that before you swapped springs too. 👍🏻
  18. Rear HP spoiler rubbing paint on deck lid

    Yes. I have it and others have reported it as well. I don't think it's rubbing. More likely it just chipped the paint when the spoiler was tightened down. I used touch up paint and it's been fine ever since.
  19. Speedometer not accurate

    No doubt. But in this case Ford's programing seems to be intentionally set so the speedo reads 2-1 mph faster that it really is. It's not just simple rounding.
  20. New Mustang Dash Board delaminating?? Dashboard pimples?? Under Warranty?? 2023 MACH 1

    It's very minor, and I'm sure he's not losing sleep over it. But at the same time I don't blame him for being a little bothered by it. I certainly don't think he's "looking for problems" by noticing it.