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  1. 2017 supplement doesn’t mention catch can

    I notice that Ford didn’t mention in the 2017 owners supplement anything about Track Apps and using a catch can on track days. This section is in the 2019 manual. Are they saying that you should not be using a catch can pre 2019? Are they saying that you should not use a catch can on the...
  2. New clutch break-in

    Just had the clutch installed and can’t find anything in the manual specific to the break-in procedure. The Ford transmissions tech said just drive it normally and that there wasn’t any instruction regarding varying speeds, low rev shifting etc. He mentioned that new materials make it so you...
  3. Can’t get a Gen 2 long block replacement??

    Is it true that you can no longer get a Gen 2 replacement long block from Ford? My understanding from the dealer is that they aren’t manufacturing these any longer so they just rebuild the failed Gen 1 or 2 engines. Seems wrong since the last model year was only 2020.
  4. Vibration under car

    If I force the car into a stall backing up or going forward it sounds like something is loose or vibrating until the car gets under way or stalls out. I’ve had the exhaust and heat shields checked and they are all secured. Same for the belly pans at the front and back. Did I read long ago...
  5. Loose hose into valve cover

    I was going to install a catch can and notice that the blue fitting going into the cover floats around an bit and isn’t tight. Is this ok?
  6. Misfiring on 3 cylinders

    Hi. I have a 2022 built Gen 2 that has about 5k on it in a 2017 350. There are intermittent misfires on 3 cylinders but not throwing any codes. The Ford tech is going to try plugs but are there any other known things that he should try?
  7. Duplicate post admin please remove

    Gen 2 built in early 2022. After a good warm up and easy drive when stopping at a light the idle stumbles and recovers. Seems to be intermittent. I can’t find any evidence that’s normal behavior other than some anecdotal comments that it is. Is there any known reason for it to stumble?
  8. Stumbling idle

    After warming up the car and going for a short easy drive if I stop at a light sometimes the idle drops and then recovers. Is this normal? I’ve seen some saying this is ok but nothing definitive. It’s a gen 2 built in 2022.
  9. Cleaning stripes and exhaust tips.

    Is there any way to revitalize the stripes that have an abrasion on them? They look like someone was rubbing them too hard in one spot. I’ve been trying to clean severely neglected exhaust tips with Meguirars products but not getting anywhere. Is there any specific product that can be used?
  10. 2017 owner manual supplement

    Just picked up a gen 2 2017 with the tech package. A single sheet was added to the owners manual dated April 2017 that stated you should get an after market trans and dif cooler if tracking it. I thought the tech package and base cars had these coolers standard in 2017?
  11. 2016 GT350R considering to buy

    New guy here and this has been likely asked 100k times so please be gentle as I’m being lazy and not doing a thorough search. I’m looking at a 2016 R with 400 miles on it. Showroom condition at a Ford dealership. I would put a Ford warranty on it but is 2016 really the least desirable year...