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  1. AC problems

    Just FYI - Ford adds UV dye wafers in the system at the factory. When you run the A/C, it will dissolve them and distribute the dye. If you have a leak, you should be able to use a black light in a dark garage and find it.....unless it's the evaporator. I tried to find the condensate drip line...
  2. Spark Plugs Out!

    Lotto ticket time for sure! I helped my brother-in-law replace plugs on his 5.4L F-150, and we broke the first few using hand tools......but then we got impatient and used an impact wrench to remove the remaining 5 plugs. I thought it was a really bad idea, but none of the plugs we removed...
  3. Why is oil level such a PITA to determine?

    I've never done that on a car engine, but I may have ruined a brand-new Briggs engine for a lawnmower that way :crackup: Won't do that again!
  4. Why is oil level such a PITA to determine?

    I agree with just letting the level be if it is between the holes. When I first bought mine in 2016, I used to fret about trying to keep oil at the top hole. Car consumed oil at just less than the acceptable rate per Ford. Re-read the manual section you posted above and decided to try and let...
  5. HVAC Condensate Line Location

    Thanks for posting that!! I forgot to respond back to this thread since I ended up not having to pull the climate control housing/evaporator out. Never ended up confirming or denying the drain location. I'm sure your post will help others troubleshooting their A/C!
  6. Floor Jack Clearance Issue

    My GT350 must be super special. It has a fancy rubber thingy on the prop rod so I don't burn my hand when I use it. :cwl: All jokes aside, I really like the jacking rails and I'm sure I would own hood struts if I ever saw some in person. :thumbsup:
  7. Virginia G-LOC Brake Pads for GT350

    Sent a PM about the GS-1's. Thanks
  8. Honey Badger's Completely Off-the-Rails Race Car Build and Track Adventure Thread

    Is the bellows where the column can collapse in the unfortunate event of a crash? Interesting that they place it there instead of between the U-Joints. Looks really sweet (no pun intended)!
  9. Honey Badger's Completely Off-the-Rails Race Car Build and Track Adventure Thread

    You mean it'll be like the offspring of a GT350 and 911 GT3! Sounds awesome. Always enjoy seeing the progress!
  10. Torque Wrench Recommendations

    I have a couple CDI's that I really like. I recommend these as a quality tool that doesn't break the bank. They certainly aren't cheap, but one broken item due to a bad torque wrench will cost way more.
  11. Oil Pressure Fluctuation on Acceleration

    Does yours use the older spin-on style filter or cartridge filter? Just wondering about that being a potential variable. My 2016 (spin-on) filter does seem to have some oil pressure fluctuation at steady throttle. Idles around 35 psi hot (rock solid), varies with RPM as it should, but at light...
  12. Honey Badger's Completely Off-the-Rails Race Car Build and Track Adventure Thread

    Crazy how much easier it is to weld with clean material. I hate body welding - especially old rusty cars. I think the work looks great - there are some tough angles for welding on that cage! Kudos. Have you used a mile of wire yet? Haha
  13. Alternator Replacement

    The manual makes it sound easy. Steps listed: disconnect the battery ground, remove the air cleaner assembly, remove the belt, take off the wires and then remove a nut and bolt to remove the alternator. Just FYI - it's called a generator in the manual. Took me a minute to find it! Let us know...
  14. HVAC Condensate Line Location

    Found a photo that states the drain is just an opening above the transmission on the passenger side. Figured I would post here for anyone else with the same question. Note that this person was using a can of evaporator cleaner and the tube from the can is what is pictured attaching to the drain...
  15. HVAC Condensate Line Location

    Hi, I'm doing some AC troubleshooting on my 2016 GT350 Tech I've owned since new. I can't find any leaks in the engine bay at fittings or the condenser and wanted to use a UV light on the AC drip line - hoping that if there is a significant evaporator leak that it might show up as a UV marker...
  16. Question for FPRS Track Attack Car Owners - Exhaust Damper Weights

    I agree - just looked at your photos. I would have expected striations from a sawzall or similar if they were intentionally cut down.
  17. GT350 Differential Cooler (early tech pack car) questions

    Keep investigating and figure this one out! I haven't done anything about my lack of diff cooling because I wanted the clean OEM implementation (no manual switches). I haven't seen anyone get the OEM setup to work on a 2016 - but if you figure it out, you'll be a hero! Well, at least to me. I'm...
  18. what model year should I buy?

    I really like my 2016 that I've had since 2016. Not a crazy amount of miles (~ 20k) - but no issues so far. Uses about 0.5 a quart per year (change oil every April after about 3500 miles). I did notice that if I was really trying to keep the oil topped up to the top of the full level, it did...
  19. RPM and air/fuel fluctuation

    Yeah....a "friend" may have washed an air-raid filter with simple green and installed it before letting it fully dry. The intake path and MAF got nice and washed by all the bubbles traveling toward the throttle body. Engine wasn't allowed to run for more than a couple seconds. Ok - you got me...
  20. Let's talk trailers...anyone with a custom ATC/inTech?

    Yeah, I was 98.5% kidding. That is a sweet trailer setup and I would not rent it out either! Do you have enough street width to back it into your driveway? Or do you have to keep it offsite?