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  1. Original Mustang Designer Gale Halderman Dies

  2. Ford Pass Points for GT350 Oil Change

    I am curious what other GT350 owners were charged using Ford Pass Points for a standard oil change. I was issued 42,000 points upon purchasing the car. I was told that typically covers 3 oil changes. Not a selling point for me, but I had mentally noted that. The Ford Pass app FAQs indicate...
  3. Ford confirms factory shut down

    All North America plants shut until March 30 (GM also). Sorry for those of you with a GT350 on order or in progress. Hopefully it will not be extended.
  4. Insurance for GT350

    For those of you who do not Daily Drive your Shelby GT350 / R and it is a second car - have you shopped collector's car insurance? When I purchased mine back in May I simply added it as a second car on my current policy by adding the VIN#. Now my policy is up for renewal in mid February and I...
  5. Sync 3: Applink will not stay enabled

    I have a re-occurring issue with Sync 3 Applink. When the car sits overnight and I start the car my apps do not load. I go into Settings and I have to enable Mobile Apps for Applink. If I take a drive, shut the car off and return same day, it boots up fine with Applink enabled. Next day...