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  1. Brembo brakes on my 2015?

    My 2015 GT convertible is in the shop (dealership) for the rear camera harness recall. I also asked them to look at the front brake pads. They're squealing, so I figured they are down to the wear bar. They call me and let me know it'll be one more day, because the brakes are Brembos and they...
  2. Odd set of symptoms - running strange

    2015 Mustang GT - Yesterday the throttle started behaving oddly. Acceleration to travel speed is normal. Then, when you ease back on the throttle to maintain speed, she starts struggling, running rough and losing power. Giving her a little more throttle makes no difference. Giving her a LOT more...
  3. Joining up

    After 15 happy years in our Gen5 2006, we're now joining Gen6 with our new-to-us 2015.