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  1. 10R80 Swap with Overdrive

    I have sent a email to Raybestos to see if I get the same answer. It's weird they cannot tell if the blue are better than the gpz or at least a pros and cons in our application has they are the one designing and producing those different clutch liners! I am very interested in your clutch count...
  2. 10R80 Swap with Overdrive

    This seem new for the 10R80! Don't know if this blue friction material is better than the GPZ !?
  3. 10r80 shifting issues

    10r80 whine is usually normal. My 2018 and now my 2020 whine! What is your build date?
  4. A10 lockup judder

    There are no demo with 200km here. All have more mileage than me. Except my sales friend but he still keep them for 5-8K. At first it was only when hot on certain gear change when the lock up engage then with more mileage, only 10k it got worse. Mine is really bad. The tech suggest right away...
  5. A10 lockup judder

    No it's not! If it was Ford would not allowed torque converter replacement under warranty then !! Mine was really bad do! Out of 6 2018-2019 here in my neighborhood I am the only car affected by the shudder! Also my friend is a salesman at ford and got 5 different 2018+ as a demo and none...
  6. A10 lockup judder

    On the work order it's showing the correct mercon ULV oil !!!
  7. A10 lockup judder

    I have the shudder in my 2018 GT. Everytime the converter lock I get it. It's so bad cold or hot. Hot even more obvious! It's at the dealer, they are changing the converter but it's backorder for a couples of week! I was starting to think I was the only one having this issue. It's start to...
  8. Quickest 2018 Stock Tune?

    I know the guy. He have x or h pipe instead of the factory resonator. He is on drag radial full interior but the DA was not +187 more like -300 to -400 with a tail wind. There is a problem with the DA on the apps he use. A lot use that apps but very few know it's not giving the good DA. The...
  9. 10.795 bolt on NA -186 DA

    Thanks !! 3.15 and light 26" DR is one of the best combo. My car fly in the 60ft!! It was a turd stock tune. I know it's a touchy subject but the 4.09 is a waste in my opinion! The first gear on the A10 is so short anyway!! Like I told another forum member, a well known tuner went as fast if...
  10. 10.795 bolt on NA -186 DA

    Thanks for your encouragement! I am in no worries for you. You have enough fast and very fast Mustang to give me a beating every day of the week lol. Looking forward for the result on your 18 e85 Whipple!!
  11. 2018 Lightning Blue 10r80 at the track.

    Great time in 3000+ DA!!! Thats looks like a solid 10 sec run in 0 DA !!!! 3.15 gear :like: Congrats! What's your tire on your new racestar wheels ?
  12. 10.795 bolt on NA -186 DA

    PM sent!
  13. Official 1/4 Mile Fast List & Leaderboards (V8) - 2015+ Mustangs

    Mph glitch on the 10.795 run should read like previous run 129 mph. On my 10.795 run the car in the right lane was a 2015+ Z06 with smaller blower pulley cai and tune Forget to ask if exhaust was stock 301A 2018 GT A10 3.15 gear, oem active catback My custom tune using HP tuner, 94 octane...
  14. 10.795 bolt on NA -186 DA

    Yes lol. And I am not the first Steeda 2018 GT ran 10,71 on c85 and with more mods and lighter weight 10,63 in 2000 DA on their first outting !
  15. 10.795 bolt on NA -186 DA

    Update just ran 11.795@ 129 mph. 1.5'' front drop spring, new tune and better weather @ -186 DA did the trick They were a glitch with the mph on the 10.795 mph. I put my second best run who is very similar. Wind was from the side. In even better negative DA with a tail wind it will be fast...
  16. Broken CF drive shaft (DSS) I8 GT

    That's not fun at all!!! Another vote for a qa1 if you want to stay with a carbon driveshaft. Qa1 is the only carbon shaft I would be willing to try! Also lighter than the dss carbon!
  17. Steeda Sets New World Record - UPDATE - 9.787 @141.22 mph

    As per Scott raceweight is around 3550lbs!!
  18. 2018 Mustang GT 15 PSI Oil pressure normal?

    Yours look more like 13.5-14 ...... Pretty normal lol. The spec are 10-15 psi @ idle. I can see has low as 12 psi on my datalog sometime no worries!!
  19. Can’t hook with Et Street r bias ply

    Another vote for the Hoosier here! Try the Hoosier you will not be disappointed !! Change from m/t to Hoosier 28x10-17 slick on my 2015 m6 GT. Night and day difference for me! Never look back ! 1.50-1.60 60ft low 11's 121-124 mph Now run Hoosier drag radial because of the A10.
  20. '15 Long tubes on an '18

    First not all the 2015 headers fit on the 2018. For exemple BBK don't. Other are tight. They slightly change the A/C line on the 2018. ARH long tube headers fit!!! For the o2 you may find some slack on the o2 harness if not you can extend the wire of the o2 that's what I have done as they...