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  1. 2021 Mach 1 - dissatisfied - i need help

    Guess i’m one of those ASE ass holes. People like you are why i left the industry.
  2. What's up with the 2k rattle?

    Its not the phasers, no other tivct ford engine has this specific 2k rattle. Yet they have the same phasers. All 3 gens of coyote have different tivct systems and phaser designs.
  3. What's up with the 2k rattle?

    My gen 1 had no ratlle had it for 100k miles plus. My gen 3 rattles since day 1 and rattles more now at 50k miles.
  4. Help with DTC Codes (MUSTANG GT 2021)

    Just drive the car if you aren’t having issues.
  5. Charging system problem.

    How are you measuring your 75% charge level?
  6. Dealerships really ramping up the BS

    My rear shocks started leaking at 35k miles
  7. Losing DI pressure in logs

    Is it causing issues? Codes?
  8. 274 vs 285 vs brushless

    Looking at doing a radium hat and looking for opinions on on pumps. Is twin 274s enough on e85 to support 900whp? Brushless ti e5lm pump looks like a solid option but any one have experience with it? Looking for a reliable setup i put a ton of miles on my car. Car is a 19 gen 5 whipple.
  9. Idle RPM drops from 1000 to around 800

    Try replacing the cam solenoids, it fixed mine.
  10. E85 worth it?

    The purge valve is always closed when the engine is off. The vent will be closed most of the time engine off. Most cars run a small leak test after a specific drive cycle and key off using the contraction off the fuel and watching the ftp sensor. The vent will very rarely open to the atmosphere...
  11. Charging System Service Now - Argh

    Did you replace the bms sensor?
  12. Spark Plugs question

    Sp589 is platinum plugs, I can’t remember the last car ford made that used coppers
  13. My Ford Dealer Rant

    So you berated the service writer for not knowing what happened to your diff fluid for 55k miles? It could only be a few things pinion seal, axle seal, diff cover or never filled properly. Its not the service writers job to know the entire saga of your car.
  14. Question on trading in a FI mustang

    Put down the meth pipe, what an unhinged rant.
  15. Whipple belt chirp

    My idler went bad, the bearing race was loose inside the aluminum pulley housing so i could not replace the bearing. I used acdelco 36604 to get me by until the whipple one arrived.
  16. Crankcase pressure issue when in boost???

    Gen 3 coyotes do not have the threads (bolt holes) in the heads.
  17. Crankcase pressure issue when in boost???

    Gen 1 coyotes had more bolts along the rail, gen 2 they removed some bolts but still had the threads in the cylinder head so they released a tsb to drill the valve covers and install bolts. Gen 3 they removed both even tho they knew about the issue. So get a swivel socket and check them often on...
  18. Crankcase pressure issue when in boost???

    Check the valve cover bolts they loosen up, my car did the same thing.
  19. Gen 5 Whipple Issues

    Does it have catalytic converters?