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  1. 2019 Mustang GT manual weird sound question.

    I noticed the same sound yesterday on my 19 Mustang GT with auto transmission. I never roll down the windows so never noticed it before until I rolled the windows down on a parking garage and heard it. It freaked me out because I had my share of issues with this car right out of the dealer so I...
  2. 2019 Mustang GT Premium Overheating issue

    Car seems to be finally fixed. The last check engine light was a lose conection on one of the sensors they worked on. I took it on a 400 mile round trip with no issues. I’m in love with the car again. Now on to some changes such as indoor light with a Diode Dynamics kit and possibly a higher...
  3. 2019 Mustang GT Premium Overheating issue

    I agree. This is what I told them too. Suppose the scan didn’t return any meaningful code. I picked up the car this morning and on the way to work the check engine light came on. Everything seems to be working fine this time so the engine light might be a lose connector or something when they...
  4. 2019 Mustang GT Premium Overheating issue

    They did and didn’t find a code well they called me yesterday that the car was ready. It was too late to pick it up and today I was on a trip so I’ll get it in the morning. Hopefully no scratches or issues. I’ll update tomorrow
  5. 2019 Mustang GT Premium Overheating issue

    Exactly. I think some of today’s mechanics won’t have a job in 10 years if they don’t up the tech skills. Modern cars are too complex with computers and electronics.
  6. 2019 Mustang GT Premium Overheating issue

    LOL at some of the comments. So I called the dealer yesterday and they ordered a cylinder head sensor that should be arriving Monday. They haven’t check electrical yet. It feels as if they are doing one step at a time to see what sticks. Hopefully this one sticks. The dealer has my car longer...
  7. 2019 Mustang GT Premium Overheating issue

    I know that’s what bother me that they wouldn’t bother to check sensors or wiring even after showing them the erratic temperature behavior. No word from the dealer today. I’ll call them first thing in the morning. Meanwhile they keep using up my gas driving around testing it. Last time they gave...
  8. 2019 Mustang GT Premium Overheating issue

    At the dealer now. Let’s see what’s the verdict. The service guy opened his eyes wide when he saw me. I just left yesterday and back today. Lmao.
  9. 2019 Mustang GT Premium Overheating issue

    Here are some pictures that I saved as PDF because somehow I couldn't upload a jpeg
  10. 2019 Mustang GT Premium Overheating issue

    Hello I bought a new 2019 Mustang GT last week. After 400 miles the temperature started going crazy. The water temp would go from the medium position all the way to the C and completely disappear. The cylinder head temp would go all over the place from 10 to 199 to 160 down to -40 degrees (f)...
  11. MBRP street exhaust Mustang GT

    I have to say this is a very tempting option. I was set on the Corsa but after some unexpected expenses, this might be an easier pill to swallow. And the price for the aluminized option for the same hp gains of a $ 1200 - 1500 set up makes it a winner. This is in my shopping list.
  12. ***UPDATE!*** Ford's policy on loaner cars during warranty repairs

    That is one of the reasons I opted for the extended warranty since they do provide rental. I expect a new model will see the dealer few times in future recalls and few issues my car currently has (miss alined hood, right front break uneven wear, etc). Time will tell. Even Subaru gave me a rental...
  13. Collision avoidance

    Yeap! I put it to the test few times already. You need to add this option.
  14. Vibration between 50 & 70 mph

    Same issue on my Auto 5.0. I'll try to make an appointment to get this issue and the hood alignment fixed.
  15. GT MPG - First highway trip

    The angle of the camera makes it look like I was going at 80 but it was really showing 76 from my point of view. 80 is around 2000 rpm in my car too.
  16. GT MPG - First highway trip

    This was mine on a trip down to Miami last week. This is all highway with adaptive cruise control set at 75 mph. GT with 3.15 rear. :eyebulge:
  17. Radar Detectors

    Valentine One and Escort RedLine are the top dogs in detection. I have the RedLine and love it. Saved me from several tickets already. I mounted mine to the mirror with a mirror tap. Radars are legal except for Virginia, Washinghton DC, and military bases so no issues with cops in FL.
  18. Satellite radio, free trial for how long?

    I had the same issue. I ended up canceling my old subscription and asking for a pro-rated refund. Once my 6 month free trial expire I will call them for a good price :D
  19. Oil seperator question?

    I purchased Bob's as well. Waiting for delivery. I am hoping to receive it before this weekend's trip so I can really test it. We'll see.