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  1. 2017 supplement doesn’t mention catch can

    Not so sure about that. The few Ford engineers I’ve met a few years said they weren’t necessary and no evidence they possessed through testing convinced them they were beneficial. I believe they were engine guys if I remember correctly. I note that they are on the 500 and I found that 2019...
  2. 2017 supplement doesn’t mention catch can

    I notice that Ford didn’t mention in the 2017 owners supplement anything about Track Apps and using a catch can on track days. This section is in the 2019 manual. Are they saying that you should not be using a catch can pre 2019? Are they saying that you should not use a catch can on the...
  3. New clutch break-in

    750 but I sold it to get a 350
  4. New clutch break-in

    Thank you for the advice.
  5. New clutch break-in

    What would high revs be? I’ve probably had it over 6k a couple of times shifting but no dumps from a dig or burnouts.
  6. New clutch break-in

    Thank you. That seems to be the consensus for aftermarket clutch’s I’ve see as well. I double checked with the Ford tech I know fairly well and he checked their data and found no such similar warnings.
  7. New clutch break-in

    Thanks everyone.
  8. New clutch break-in

    Just had the clutch installed and can’t find anything in the manual specific to the break-in procedure. The Ford transmissions tech said just drive it normally and that there wasn’t any instruction regarding varying speeds, low rev shifting etc. He mentioned that new materials make it so you...
  9. Can’t get a Gen 2 long block replacement??

    Long run yes. Right now they sell for more on autotrader.
  10. Can’t get a Gen 2 long block replacement??

    For one reason if the gen 1 was replaced with gen 2 the value of the pre-2019 are higher. Can’t imagine a numbers matching car would matter this few number of years since the end of production…maybe different for the more limited run of R cars.
  11. Can’t get a Gen 2 long block replacement??

    Good to know. My replacement was built dec 21 or Jan 22 (can’t remember)decoded from the engine plate so hopefully I’m done with replacements. I did note they didn’t change the original builder’s names on the engine when itwas replaced. They just used the 2017 stamped plate that was on the...
  12. Can’t get a Gen 2 long block replacement??

    Is it true that you can no longer get a Gen 2 replacement long block from Ford? My understanding from the dealer is that they aren’t manufacturing these any longer so they just rebuild the failed Gen 1 or 2 engines. Seems wrong since the last model year was only 2020.
  13. Vibration under car

    Thank you. I think it’s more coming from around somewhere behind the engine.
  14. Vibration under car

    Yes they did check those. Perhaps the lugging is normal.
  15. Vibration under car

    If I force the car into a stall backing up or going forward it sounds like something is loose or vibrating until the car gets under way or stalls out. I’ve had the exhaust and heat shields checked and they are all secured. Same for the belly pans at the front and back. Did I read long ago...
  16. Loose hose into valve cover

    No idea what the former owner did or did not do. I’ve owned the car for a handful of weeks now.
  17. Loose hose into valve cover

    Thanks all. Dropped into ford and they confirmed the play in it.
  18. Loose hose into valve cover

    The black hose is tight on the blue piece. It’s the blue piece that is loose that goes inside the cover. Are you saying the loose piece is fine?
  19. Loose hose into valve cover

    I was going to install a catch can and notice that the blue fitting going into the cover floats around an bit and isn’t tight. Is this ok?
  20. Misfiring on 3 cylinders

    back again guys unfortunately. Purge valve, plugs, changed. Tried different fuel. No codes. Doesn’t seem to be misfiring as much but occasionally at a stop, clutch in, engine warm the idle drops momentarily Out there question but is there any way it could be the aluminum flywheel and...