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  1. GT to Ecoboost

    It's been said many times - with the Ecoboost engines you can have the "Eco" or the "Boost" - but not both at the same time. I test-drove an Ecoboost before I found the Mustang I have now. The 2.3L turbo was no slouch, but the V8 is, as my mom would have said, "gooder".
  2. Scammers or...

    This is truth, and some of the best insurance against getting taken. Don't move fast on anything online. Look at it with stink-eye, and do some homework. Then do some more.
  3. Rev Hang After Hard Pull - '19 GT

    Think of it as encouragement to perform no-lift shifts. 😜
  4. Too Many Sequential Tailights!

    Like many tech-related items, over the years what was once a desirable, unique feature becomes commonplace. In the mid-late 50's Chrysler offered, of all things, a factory-installed record player! That kicked off a tech race for automotive music sources other than terrestrial radio. What was...
  5. Downshifting

    I agree with the above. But even in every-day traffic it is still fun. I've been rev-match downshifting (in dry conditions) for many years. It's part of the joy of driving, every single day. I do restrict this sort of thing to dry conditions, allowing for the reality of traffic and sharing the...
  6. Soft Top Wear

    My '06 convertible made it about 14 years before the top needed to be replaced, and it was a vinyl top. The cloth tops should prove to be even more durable.
  7. Heated/Cooler Powered Recaros Coming?

    Yeah. They'll have to stop smoking da crack. I expect Recaro's to be pricey. But that is absurd.
  8. What’s something you wish you Knew when you got your first Mustang??

    I would wish I knew that I would be driving Mustangs literally the rest of my life. They've all been fun. They've all been daily drivers. No regrets at all.
  9. Gen 2 500+ hp na?

    What John said. Put 3.55s in the rear for a lot less money. Get your 435 horse engine up in the power band. It's what I'd do if I was spending my own money. Or even 3.73s if you don't care about gas mileage.
  10. 2015 Ford Mustang GT Adaptive Cruise Control

    Was it greyed out before that sensor was removed? If you're not sure, I would try putting that sensor back in. Then see if you can switch the setting in the menus. I can tell you my 2015 gives me the option of Adaptive or Normal. They aren't greyed out and I can easily switch between them...
  11. Driving Gloves

    A pair of non-insulated thin leather gloves here. For cold weather purposes, it provides a temperature break between my hands and the wheel until I get the interior warmed up in winter. No gloves any other time of year. I clean the wheel (stock leather wrap) a couple of times a year.
  12. Reckless Driving

    General information - in Virginia any speed in excess of 80mph qualifies for a reckless driving citation. This is the case regardless of the speed limit. Even if you are on one of the interstates with a 70mph speed limit, 80+ can still get you cited for reckless at the discretion of the officer...
  13. What ELSE do you drive??

    My bride's 2015 Ford Escape sits on the other side of the garage.
  14. Farley on the future of the V8 Mustang

    Everything changes. If you could show car manufacturers of the 1920s the 1960s, they be astonished. If you could show 1960s car makers what would happen in just ten years, they'd be scrambling to prepare. If you could show 1970s car makers what their market share would be in the 1990s, they'd...
  15. Love the Drive installed today.

    I had one for my 2006 and it made a real difference in cabin comfort. I'll likely bite the bullet and get the S550 version this year.
  16. Median Ages

    I've been behind the wheel of a Mustang from age 17 to 64, so I imagine I have fallen in and out of the median age qualification at least a couple of times. I just drive what I like.
  17. Raising top manually

    Haven't heard of a manual method for raising the top. Doesn't mean there isn't one - only that I don't know it.
  18. Badge question on 2019 GT

    Yes, those pony roundels are a tribute to the '69 fastback. I wouldn't put them on a modern car either, but at least there's an historical reference for them. Although they had dialed back from the outrageous and wild '50's, some '60's and 70's designs were "more is better". Design elements...
  19. Anyone regret buying a ragtop vs a coupe?

    YMMV. But for me, no regrets at all.
  20. Hp/torque question

    If it were me, I'd go ahead and get some dyno pulls after spending that money. Then you'll have the data instead of guess-timates.