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  1. HPDE/Track day camera

    I am using the VBOX Lite
  2. Honey Badger's Completely Off-the-Rails Race Car Build and Track Adventure Thread

    If you are going as far as Watkins Glen, you should 100% go to Mosport GP!!!
  3. Anyone got pics of 305/30/17 on a mustang?

    it would look like shit. just get 19x11s
  4. Premium vs Regular gas for track day

    If you are concerned about the price of gas, tracking isn't for you. Your tire and brake wear is far more expensive.
  5. Looking for a tune shop for a 2021 GT w/ Roush 2650 near GTA

    What is wrong with Diego?
  6. First S550/2015+ Mustang on BBS E88s?

    Just test fitted them today. 19x11, ET52 offset all around. Goodyear Supercar 3Rs in 305/30/19
  7. GT500 Track Wheels

    I have the apex wheels with over 50 track days on them and they have held up really well. Keep in mind wheels are disposable, so you will need to replace them eventually so dont be shocked when they fail at the track eventually
  8. GT500 Track Wheels

    I am sure the OEM wheels are fine since they are engineered for these cars and are obviously OEM. Forgeline is much higher quality and holds up better. Not sure about the specs...
  9. GT500 Track Wheels

    BC Forged is pretty pricey considering they are made in Taiwan. I would strongly recommend Forgeline for really high quality wheels.
  10. Upgrade or switch cars? (DD, occasional track)

    Tires make the biggest difference. They effect cornering and braking....
  11. Upgrade or switch cars? (DD, occasional track)

    IMO, you don't need any upgrades at all. Use that money on track time and having an instructor beside you. I guarantee you are no where near the limit of your car. EDIT: Maybe widened wheels and tires with a square set up if you see yourself going more than twice a year. 305 all around.

    Pretty cool video!
  13. GT500 CFTP GT4 style wing mount set

    I don't disagree with anything you wrote. I just don't think raising it makes much of a difference, downforce wise, compared to a real aero set up. The data would reveal this. Changing the end plates would have a much bigger impact. An amateur driver at an HPDE is not optimizing their aero set...
  14. GT500 CFTP GT4 style wing mount set

    We are on a discussion forum. Anyone is free to comment on this thread. Don't be so close-minded when someone asks you a question. Especially if you are considering asking up to $2k for a wing mount set. I am not sure how anyone could vote given the non-existent data you provided. You have yet...
  15. OIR Track Days 5/3 & 5/4

    See you there