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  1. Mach 1 hoodstripe damage or maintenance/repair?

    MBRP race 3" cat back for me...
  2. Mach 1 hoodstripe damage or maintenance/repair?

    I use Jax wax products. this one will work for you. https://www.jaxwax.com/products/wrap-star-detail-spray-16-oz they way the stripe is designed they should have never come close to that area!!! also Anthony
  3. Service advance track and steering assist fault service required lights on

    Sounds like hubs are bad. I had the same issue with my '15 and '18 GT.
  4. Warped Oil Filter Access Door

    I uninstalled mine and threw it away very hard!!!
  5. I drove a 911 992 S yesterday and I genuinely think my 22 mustang gt is better!

    i got into an 911 gt3 rs during an extreme experience and yes the GT PP1 can hang and the Mach 1 HP is even better. But the porsche got that look tho...
  6. Lug Nuts

    chrome gorillas
  7. Driveline Vibration ‘20 PP2

    I'd check the rubber on the drive shaft where it connect in the middle. My 18 had it have it replaced.
  8. Too Many Sequential Tailights!

    Hey as long as people are using the signals I'm ok with it lol
  9. Trunk weather stripping. Normal or?

    looking too hard much?
  10. Premium vs Regular gas for track day

    Premium all the time and add fuel additive for track days. Safety is the key.
  11. Seat delete with access door to the trunk.

  12. New Tires for mach 1 handling package wheels

    I just put $2k on (4) 305/325 Nitto Invos. They are very enjoyable so far.
  13. Bored of my GT

    If your bored with it your not driving hard enough.
  14. 2017 mustang gt ebrake play

    You may have an e-brake that is about to break. I had the same issues with mine until one day it just broke. I use my local ford service department for those things. I have them change my oil and do the e-brake adjustment.
  15. Where Have You Guys Gotten Your Coyote Emblems? Stay Away From "coyotebadgeshop"

    Anchor room has quality stuff too. https://anchor-room.com/
  16. Body Control module bcm conf update recall

    I had this done with my Lund tune present. In my case I didn't need to flash back to stock.
  17. Grabber Blue Mustang Mach 1 Completed with Modern Muscle M17R Forged wheels

    They look heavy but I like them. Not enough to get rid of my HP wheels tho.