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  1. 15-17 Edlebrock 2650 Stage 1 Supercharger Kit.

    Not sure how much or if this is even an issue anymore. I remember reading several posts when the Edlebrock kits came out where guys had to elongate mounting holes and be careful when installing injectors not to get leaks using the provided Edelbrok fuel rails. I’ve had my injectors on my...
  2. Thoughts on best boost (50 state legal) for 2020 PP2 with 3.73 axlwe ratio?

    thats all fine and dandy, just telling him to be carefulwhat To believe. People love to just parrot what they’ve heard or read. For example I am guessing youdont Have a Whipple on Whipples tune or have ever tried to pass an emissions test with that setup. Have you? Can you provide a picture...
  3. Thoughts on best boost (50 state legal) for 2020 PP2 with 3.73 axlwe ratio?

    If you are looking for specific advice on passing smog test with a FI system I suggest verifying anybody giving advice has actually passed an emissions test with the system they are suggesting. If they have an Ngauge they can easily provide a picture of their IM monitors readiness on the gauge...
  4. Thoughts on Paxton

    Not sure if climate is a factor but one of them centri’s isn’t made for cold weather, can’t recall which one.
  5. Cooling Mod?

    This is scary to me a little thinking how I hot lapped my procharged 2016 at the drag strip this summer. Went out to the 1/4 mile strip 4 times this summer. I always got there at opening before the crowd grew so I could get the most runs around in and then go home when staging filled up with...
  6. Help line lock

    Proof that half the info on the internet is wrong.
  7. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    It’s not so much the hardware that people complain about, it’s all the “Roush Lives Matter” rhetoric.
  8. Not gonna lie, this was funny

    The whole mustang crowd getter is pretty funny because lots of non mustang people are cautious around us crazy types behind the wheel. I was leaving work a while back and backed out of my parking spot. Saw two coworkers walking in the parking lot toward where I was. As soon as I was backed...
  9. Roush supercharger quote and Q

    Also be forewarned that most talk themselves into Roush for the warranty reasons but if you follow threads on the product you’ll see plenty of conversation trending towards them eventually going with an aftermarket tune to make the car drive better. Go look at the super large thread on here...
  10. Sold.

    Curious, so gotta ask. Those wheels look like the black accent wheels from 2018+ model years, but your car stats say 2015?
  11. EB stage 1 Datalogs

    translation: “I’m too lazy to review your logs and offer advice and also too lazy to finish reading the thread to see yo no longer have the car. But we like money so please send us some of yours.”
  12. Cervini's just mic dropped a new GT500 hood for the 15-17 S550 here @LethalPerformance!

    Of course it does, why else would it be posted in the Forced Induction section of the forum.
  13. Pedal Commander

    People who’ve used it will recommend it, people who haven’t will not. I had one in my Mustang and liked it, but removed it to install a supercharger instead. Really doesn’t make your car any faster, but does make it seem like it’s snappier downy at the bottom of the RPMs. The tune for my...
  14. Ford Service Center Quick To Point Out Mods / Bring Up Warranty

    Modifications to the drivetrain are an instant “get out of jail” card for them. I’m guessing they all love finding their easy out.
  15. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    So will be the purchase confirmation bias.
  16. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    If you say so. Guess that’s one of those facts that cannot be proven either way. Dealerships are kind of like the criminal justice system in that not everyone in prison is a bad person. Good ones are far and few between, but I suppose there are some out there.
  17. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    I wouldn’t count on it, dealers like to say things that help you make a decision and give them your money. Only guessing you were talking to that dealer about having them install a Roush for you? I would say most looking for an off the lot blown mustang aren’t on the fence about which blower...
  18. Class Action Lawsuit for known A/C Evaporator failures on 2015 and 16 models

    I have never understood why the EPA doesn’t pounce on them. Knowingly selling something that dumps its contents into the atmosphere. I mean it’s no different than me going and buying cans of refrigerant just so I can spray them at the sky.
  19. VMP vs Roush vs Whipple vs Edelbrock ??

    Reason I asked is I was jeolous of the corvette. I could hold my own against him in a race, but can’t chirp the tires like that. Was wondering if it is something the 5.0 won’t do because it’s not a pushrod engine. I bought the Procharger because I got a good deal on it from a guy, but knew it...