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  1. Bri's_5.0

    First repair time. Common issues 2015 GT

    Not sure if it was common, but when I bought mine used this past January, the Carfax reported that the rear diff. had been replaced under warranty at 7,000 and then again at 11,000 miles. WTH?! That seemed a little disturbing to me.
  2. Bri's_5.0

    Things you never knew your car did!

    Is there any way to display my speed on the digital portion of my analog clustered '15 GT? My '16 F-150 has it.
  3. Bri's_5.0

    Ohio Sold

    Interested in just parting with the jack and hold-down?
  4. Bri's_5.0

    Hagerty insurance for my 15 GT

    Hagerty said it's all good. I'm not concerned as much as you guys seem to be...
  5. Bri's_5.0

    Hagerty insurance for my 15 GT

    It's easy. Just put my friend's name and DL number on the policy and they pay for it.
  6. Bri's_5.0

    Hagerty insurance for my 15 GT

    Hi all Thought I'd let you people know that I just signed up for collector insurance through Hagerty. It is a 'second' vehicle of mine, is parked in a locked garage, and driven less than 5000 miles a year. No tickets/points and no accidents/claims in over 6 years for me and I'm 44. I...
  7. Bri's_5.0

    Firehawk Indy 500 tires

    Thanks for the help shogun32
  8. Bri's_5.0

    Firehawk Indy 500 tires

    Shogun32: I appreciate you going out of your way to, 'help'? I thought someone, and fellow enthusiast, that actually owns these tires could have easily looked at their tires and said, "It's a 5 ply/2 ply." or something else. It's just things I like to know. Apologies for having you go out of...
  9. Bri's_5.0

    Firehawk Indy 500 tires

    Digging up an old thread, I know. I'm shopping for tires and I think these will be the ones as the reviews seem quite positive for these cars. However, can anyone chime in and help me? I'm kind of a tire snob and would like to know many plies the tread and sidewall these tires have on the 255...
  10. Bri's_5.0

    Pedal Commander

    I need to jump in here real quick. I have the Pedal Commander on my '16 F150 4x4 and it totally changed the truck. I have it on a mild setting and it is much better in the city getting around traffic. Some would say just put the truck in Sport mode, but that holds gears waaaay too long in my...
  11. Bri's_5.0

    Georgia Parting out a 2017 Mustang GT

    Hi Looking for the center (round) A/C vents. Previous owner of my car must have had long nails because the one closest to the driver is all scratched up from opening and closing the vent/shutter. Didn't see them in your pics so not sure if they're still available. I really need just one if...
  12. Bri's_5.0

    Thermal R&D exhaust

    I can't help to say this exhaust has an almost exotic or super car note. My coworkers, which mostly consist of gear heads like myself, are really impressed with the way it sounds. It's nice to have something like this to really bring out the wild animal in my new Mustang. I can't say enough...
  13. Bri's_5.0

    Introduce yourself!!

    Brian here from the Detroit area. Almost lifetime Ford man. A few Crown Vics in the past, now a '16 F-150 XLT 5.0, and a 2000 Lincoln Town Car Cartier as my current A to B driver. Man, you can't beat the ride... First 2015 S550 and I'm liking it so far. Slapped on the Thermal R&D exhaust on...
  14. Bri's_5.0

    Thermal R&D exhaust

    Let me work on that, just for you. lol I have had many 'vehicles', but until now I've never had a [stock] engine respond so easily to a [simple] bolt on. In my life of bolt-ons, I would have to agree that this system is definitely top notch and extra power is present. I chose this exhaust...
  15. Bri's_5.0

    Thermal R&D exhaust

    Long time listener, first time caller. Just installed this last night. Wow! Just amazing. The sound, the power. It really woke up my stock '15. Worth every dollar IMO.