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  1. Kayva

    Nebraska 2015-17 Roush Side Scoops, JLT Hydrocarbon parts.

    2015-17 Roush Quarter Panel Side Scoops painted Oxford White. Scoops have been ceramic coated, but do have some minor chips due to driving. You will need to add your own double sided tape to make work. $150 Shipped in US. SOLDJLT Hydrocarbon Strut Covers and Fuse box cover. Can no longer get...
  2. Kayva


    On Lethal Performance site it shows a drop down for 15-17 models and then one for 18+. I assume there might be some differences, but that is as far as I can verify.
  3. Kayva

    Nebraska Steeda Rear Decklid

    Rare hard to find Steeda Decklid. Sold my Mustang so no longer needed. Minor scratches from use. Any questions just ask. $200 plus shipping.
  4. Kayva


    New never used Sai Li Dual Pump Return style Fuel System with upgraded black braided hose. Bought to go E85, but recently sold Mustang. Only taken out of box to inventory and take pictures. Purchased from Lethal Performance for 1K. Will let go for $750 shipped in US.
  5. Kayva

    Convertibles Photos Thread

    A quick picture from a recent show.
  6. Kayva

    Window Sticker

    Really cool that you are doing this for everybody. Hate to be another one, but would you be able to get mine? Truly appreciate it. 1FATP8FF1F5431192
  7. Kayva

    Convertibles Photos Thread

  8. Kayva

    Just picked up my new 2018 Black GT Vert!

    Congrats. Beautiful Mustang.
  9. Kayva

    White Mustang: Make it look good

    Mine has racing stripes though.
  10. Kayva

    Convertibles Photos Thread

    Couple of quick pics of my convertible from the World of Wheels show we had here a few weeks ago.
  11. Kayva

    S197 Baer brakes on S550?

    I have a set of Baer 6S Extreme 6 piston front brake calipers that I took off my 2011 Mustang when I traded it in. I was wondering if it is possible that these calipers would bolt up to my 2015. I know I would need proper rotors. Any one have any experience with this?
  12. Kayva


    Checking in from Omaha. Anyone going to World of Wheels in a couple of weeks?
  13. Kayva

    Group Buy: DCTMS Carbon Fiber/Leather RS550 Steering Wheel

    If it helps any, here is a picture of them side by side.
  14. Kayva

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Installed the DCTMS Carbon steering wheel from the Group Buy. World of difference. Now I just have to wait for nice weather so I can drive it.
  15. Kayva

    Group Buy: DCTMS Carbon Fiber/Leather RS550 Steering Wheel

    Some quick before and after pics of the install. Excuse the mess, in the process of doing a few other things to the car as well. Install was very simple. Before After
  16. Kayva

    Group Buy: DCTMS Carbon Fiber/Leather RS550 Steering Wheel

    Received my steering wheel today after taking one of the available wheels over continuing to wait on my originally ordered wheel. It was very well packaged and looks and feels amazing. I want to thank Terrance ([email protected]) for putting this group buy together. All though there were a couple...
  17. Kayva

    Group Buy: DCTMS Carbon Fiber/Leather RS550 Steering Wheel

    As a member of the Oceans 11 :-) I am still in, if the wait time is estimated to be about 4-5 weeks. I am hoping to have this wheel before show season. Could I also get a confirmation on the color that I had ordered? It was suppose to be white stitching with blue stripe. Thanks.
  18. Kayva

    A Pillar Gauge

    I have been searching for quite some time as well. I even contacted Autometer and they told me they were considering it, but that was over a year ago. So I really don't see it happening. I think our only option is custom.