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  1. I just ordered a tune & have some E85 questions.

    1. I'd leave it on the flex tune. 2. The only benefit to testing would be to confirm the tune adjusted afr correctly. Personally I would but not mandatory. 3. I ran my e85/ flex tunes for 42,000 miles on a fully stock exhaust with no issues.
  2. Twin turbo now or wait for warranty to expire

    Well I'm one day away from finishing my street sleeper install so my vote is boost it and send it!
  3. Lund flex and e85r tune

    The 4.09s will definitely help get past the sluggish start. Plus it will keep you at a better rpm shifting. Personally I wouldn't want to try launching on the e85r tune with 4.09s. Traction would be a bitch!
  4. Lund flex and e85r tune

    If I had to guess lund wouldn't do an e70 tune for you because they don't want you assuming the ethanol % will stay at that level with out consistently checking e content. They gave me an e54r tune because 99% of our gas stations carry that blend. They were still very clear that I needed to test...
  5. How long do you plan on keeping your S550?

    Until my daughter is old enough to inherit it... She's 2 now so I have a while.
  6. Rotten Egg Smell After Hard Acceleration

    Seeing as how you only smell it after you get on the gas I'm guessing it's the cats your smelling too. I smell them after every hard pull when I'm on pump gas. I'd describe it as burnt popcorn though, not rotten eggs.
  7. Arizona E85

    Go to the regional posts and there's a long thread about e85/ flex out here. Lund's flex and e85r tunes kick ass. Most of the ethanol in AZ is only 50ish% so I'd ask them for an e54r tune to go with the flex and e85r. Fyi I've only found about 3 stations with true e85. Most have the 54% and a...
  8. Would you say the mt-82 clutch feel is "numb" compared to other cars?

    I did mine a few weeks ago. Easy enough on Jack stands. I used bg as well. Not a huge improvement but I'm at 45k miles so a fluid change was good for piece of mind. As far as the notchy feeling in the s550 goes... definitely more so than any honda I've ever driven but not nearly as bad as the...
  9. Does anyone have a 2019 or 2020 Saleen?

    Shouldn't it be a Saleen 307 not 302?
  10. Shopping for cold air intake

    Yeah stick it in your girlfriends ass
  11. Shopping for cold air intake

    Ok. What ever you need to tell yourself to justify your purchase. :like:
  12. Shopping for cold air intake

    If the intake changes the diameter of the maf pipe a tune is required. I agree with gadgt, you won't get a noticeable power increase from the intake. It will dress up the engine bay and if you opt for an open air box gives the engine a little extra volume but you'll also have to think about...
  13. Clunk when letting off and then getting back on throttle at hwy speeds

    Loud audible clunck? Or more of a jerking clunck felling when you hit the gas?
  14. I break lug nuts and threads when taking wheels off

    Which firestone do you go to in AZ?
  15. Mpg goes down while idle

    You'll get better mpgs leaving it in gear while you coast to a stop. Once you shift into neutral the computer has to dump fuel to keep it running. In gear the engine continues to spin with the wheels. New cars can go super lean afr while coasting but only in gear.
  16. S550 Owners - do you have an Emergency Roadside kit?

    I have the AA spare in the trunk and a manual transmission in case I need to push start it... im covered for most worst case scenarios!
  17. Dipstick

    I always have more oil on the underside of the stick when pulling it out. The one that shows oil to the bottom of the hash marks is probably correct in your case. (Educated guess with out watching you check it) FYI after an oil change with 10 quarts the oil level reads center of the marks, not...
  18. how much power are you guys running on the stock s550 block ?

    Stock coyote blocks put out demon killing hp with huge turbos and superchargers with no supporting mods. And get great DD gas mileage!... I think i just answered your last 50 posts in one comment!
  19. How Many Clicks On Your Parking Brake ?

    Never would have counted until this stupid thread came up lol. 17 clicks if really pull. 3-4 hold the car well if I'm not on a hill.
  20. Advance trac/ ABS issues

    On my way to work this morning cruising on the freeway my dash lit up. First I noticed service advance trac pop up plus abs light came on. Next I noticed power steering was weak. Not totally out but much tighter than normal in sport mode. Last as I was pulling off the freeway I noticed rev match...