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  1. Spykexx

    Ecoboost 10 Speed Question

    As someone who went to the A10, from an M6, and have an A8 from Dodge...I just can't get on board with the A10. It's incredibly quick in a straight line, but in many other aspects I feel it just lacks. Constantly doesn't where it wants to go, tries to shift up and down at the same time (Scary as...
  2. Spykexx

    Keep the Procharger Tune or go for the Lund Tune?

    Oh they're aggressive alright. At times too much so; feels like there's absolutely no way the trans made it through that shift LOL
  3. Spykexx

    Loud Exhaust on A10 GTs?

    Currently stock. Actually looking at picking up another lund E85 tune. I love my exhaust note, but man the trans just nearly makes it embarrassing.
  4. Spykexx

    Loud Exhaust on A10 GTs?

    I'm running S-types with an H-pipe and I can kind of relate. I don't mind so much right off the line. Mine just drives me nuts while it's hunting, and sounds like I have absolutely no idea what gear I want to be in when cruising. It's a constant ear piercing to quiet to ear piercing and so on...
  5. Spykexx

    Virginia Velocity blue pp1 spoiler like new

    How much for shipping to 52806?
  6. Spykexx

    GT 2018+ Mustang GT Stainless Works Catback - new in box - ***NOW 1150 SHIPPED!!!***

    Haha well I haven't decided between these or the Lethal HH extreme.
  7. Spykexx

    Paul @ PK Auto

    Just wanted to say thanks to Paul. This guy continually goes above and beyond for customers, especially for people on the forum! I had made a deal years back for my old mustang and had to pull out when I sold my mustang. When I bought the new mustang I wanted to make it right, and give my...
  8. Spykexx

    Hellion Street Sleeper for daily?

    This is true, but won't always be a daily. I also have a 19 scat pack that I rarely drive, and looking to pick up a truck as a daily.
  9. Spykexx

    Hellion Street Sleeper for daily?

    Hello all, Looking at my current options, wanting to go FI around black friday time frame to make use of good sales. Currently trying to decide between Hellion street sleeper or whipple gen 5, but starting to sway towards the Hellion setup. Not looking for anything crazy quite yet, but...
  10. Spykexx

    Are you Cursed? Want to go to a witch doctor with me to get it removed.

    But in reality not so humorous. These are legit responses. You can look at what happens to you as a lesson or as a curse. I used to be a pessimist, and think everything was out to screw me, but you know what happens when all you're looking for is negative? You'll find negative. Is the world...
  11. Spykexx

    Are you Cursed? Want to go to a witch doctor with me to get it removed.

    And second, please don't buy stock in anything I touch. I don't want them to go under LOL.
  12. Spykexx

    Are you Cursed? Want to go to a witch doctor with me to get it removed.

    We're smoking pot and using magic crystals, but you believe the universe has specifically singled you out and is making your life hell? Sir, please step away from the pot and magical crystals.
  13. Spykexx

    Good deal on a used 2019 GT Premium?

    I just did this switch in March, although I still own the charger (2019 scat pack with all SRT392 options). Haven't even looked back. I rarely touch the charger now, after going E85.
  14. Spykexx


    Shouldn't be an issue at all.
  15. Spykexx

    Are you Cursed? Want to go to a witch doctor with me to get it removed.

    This was me for the first portion of my life. Seemed like nothing would ever give. From mundane crap that just added up, to my wonderful divorce from a pedophile. After that I vowed to look at life more positively and continue to push myself. I've had nothing but success since then. I went from...
  16. Spykexx


    Haha I actually don't really drive the Charger anymore. The woman generally drives it now. Too many small irks about it that just drove me absolutely crazy. It's a fun car to drive when I do, but it just doesn't compare to the GT, especially after going E85 (Blower will be going on soon as...
  17. Spykexx


    Yup a LOT of this has to do with sun's direction, and the pure fact that sublime is almost flat (It's actually a very tight metallic but looks flat at distance) and that sublime picks up and amplifies light like crazy. VB gets darker as the light begins to get reduced. Sublime doesn't really do...