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  1. 18usc371

    Steeda jacking rail question

    I had scape away some of the seam seal in places to level out the rails, as my rails did the same thing as you described when I did test fit. I would imaging every car is a bit different with seal over-run: "7...
  2. 18usc371

    2020 GT500 is Road & Track Performance Car of the Year

    Well, there goes another voided warranty too . . . .😉
  3. 18usc371

    I need someone to hold me and tell me it will be okay.

    You're one step farther in the journey . . .
  4. 18usc371

    New Ride

    I did the same thing on my GT350 and another GT. Super easy and I’m by no means an expert on car electronics. If you decide to do it, hit me for some tips.
  5. 18usc371

    New Ride

    Congratulations- so clean looking. I have the same - 16 white track pack G0628
  6. 18usc371

    Is it me? Have used GT350 price jumped up lately?

    And it keeps going up. One month later:
  7. 18usc371

    Stock Bullitt vs pp1 wheel weigh in's

    Heavyweight! 31.25 Bullitt 33.5 PP1 post # 17 here:
  8. 18usc371

    Some Hot Dog always wants to race me in my mustang...

    Must share dna with Mustangs:
  9. 18usc371

    Why the White Gear Knob?

    Funny you mention that. Growing up in the 70s, every one I knew replaced the knob with either a black or white ball, preferably with no gear diagram. Out of nostalgia, I have always replaced mine through the years - 67 GTO, Fox 5.0, 08 Bullitt, and now GT350 - with a white ball.
  10. 18usc371


    I was on business trip to 26 Federal Plaza on the 9th. I checked into the World Trade Center Marriott, which was 22-stories but still completely dwarfed by the Twin Towers on ether side. I smoked at the time, but never in my hotel rooms. I stepped out the back of the hotel, into Tobin Plaza...
  11. 18usc371

    2 Weeks with the GT350

    Even better than a "slammed Acura TL" . . . no way no how!!! Seriously, congratulations! And enjoy . . .
  12. 18usc371

    White Shift Knob

    I have one on mine - I like it. Here is link to 18 photos: I can Take a pic of mine, but it will just look like these, unless you need a...
  13. 18usc371

    I hate road trips.

    You’re a funny man! I get some of your points. I think road trips are the best way to see the US of A! Take some time to stop at offbeat attractions, drive the Lincoln Highway, strike up some conversations at gas stations, visit small town war memorials, eat at a greasy spoon now and then. Now...
  14. 18usc371

    Do the 2 usb ports charge?

    Those are great items! I keep something like the first one, the small charger/battery, in my carry-on, because even today, there are sometimes when an aircraft seat doesn’t have a USB charger, or difficulties finding one at an airport. Believe it or not. The solar one, even better for camping...
  15. 18usc371

    Do the 2 usb ports charge?

    The center armrest USB stays hot for 75 minutes - even after the car is completely turned off. It is programmable for more or less time in 1 second increments via FORSCAN: 12v Powerpoint Timeout (Default) BCM 726-39-01 : 1194 xxxx xxxx I believe the exposed center stack USB is only powered...
  16. 18usc371

    Looking for thoughts/opinions/advice on GT350 purchase

    This is good advice, and exactly what I did.
  17. 18usc371

    Looking for thoughts/opinions/advice on GT350 purchase

    Only two issues Regardless of body type, Recaros rule. It is a fact they make the car faster. Go all in for an all in car. Chaps, are by definition ass-less. That’s what makes them chaps. They complement Recaros
  18. 18usc371

    Looking for thoughts/opinions/advice on GT350 purchase

    The younger, wiser me would tell you to pay off the loans, assess where you are in four years, and then make your decision. Will you have job stability for the next four years? Do you and the Mrs. intend children? Four years is a long time and life and priorities change a lot during that length...
  19. 18usc371

    What is this ?

    NASCAR is calling the FBI . . .
  20. 18usc371

    Sound Level - Shorty V Full-Length Headers

    Thanks for the links. I'm installing the catted H pipe next week. Here is my base line using a very non scientific, non calibrated iPhone app - 81 DBA : Also, here is my GT350 with stock exhaust set to "sport" - 68.5 DBA Ave