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  1. BleedNBlue

    Winter Storage Ethanol?

    I'm a long time boater and this question comes up every year. Ethanol condenses (creates water vapor) when there are big temperature swings. Therefore there are several option. 1. Use non-ethanol gas, i.e. no condensation no matter the fuel level. 2. Use ethanol gas AND completely fill your...
  2. BleedNBlue

    2018 Strut Bearing Plate

    MODS, sorry, just noticed this is in the wrong section. Can you please move it the the Suspension section? If no, I will recreate in the suspension section.
  3. BleedNBlue

    2018 Strut Bearing Plate

    My 2018 GT is now making a noise (similar to a straw moving up and down in a lid) when steering. The dealership diagnosed the problem and said the strut bearing plates need to be preplaced due to the car being lowered. Does this sound reasonable to you guys? Is there a better after market...
  4. BleedNBlue

    16 to 18 Mustang Sync 3.0 to 3.4?

    Thanks for checking. I use CarPlay for WAZE, text and phone BUT use usb for music. Therefore when using voice commands music is searched on my iphone. I might go back to build 19101....grrr
  5. BleedNBlue

    16 to 18 Mustang Sync 3.0 to 3.4?

    I asked if there were builds greater than 19200 where the MEDIA SEARCH BUTTON is ENABLED while the car is moving. The MEDIA SEARCH BUTTON is enabled while the car is moving in Build 19101
  6. BleedNBlue

    16 to 18 Mustang Sync 3.0 to 3.4?

    Thanks for the reply. However, I don't understand how Dave's response just before my post helps me. It seems he was asking about map speed limit data. I am asking about the Media Search functionality not being available when the car is moving using Build 19200.
  7. BleedNBlue

    16 to 18 Mustang Sync 3.0 to 3.4?

    I just went from build 19101 to 19200. First difference I noticed is Audio->Browse->New Search button is disabled when the car is moving using build 19200. Build 19101 Audio-Browse->New Search button is enabled while moving. Are there any builds greater than 19200 where the New Search button...
  8. BleedNBlue

    A Little COVID-19 Humor (No Politics Please!)

    I made up my own joke: I hear there is a cure for coronavirus - Lake Of The Ozark water. Man, bring on the warm weather and boating!
  9. BleedNBlue

    Octane boosters to help with 91 only available

    North ID is fairly high altitude correct? 91 octane in North ID may have the same affects as 93 octane at sea level. Sorry, I don't know the science/physics though.
  10. BleedNBlue

    What is Ford thinking ?

    Ha. My 88 LX 5.0 Speedo only went up to 85. The needle was buried most the time :)
  11. BleedNBlue

    2019 BMW M3 vs 2019 Mustang GT

    Or an engine that leaks oil after 30k miles. Did BMW put out a new version of their I6 turbo or is the 2019 have the leaky N55.
  12. BleedNBlue

    Let’s See Those Trucks!

    2011 Nissan Xterra Many fun OR trips to CO and UT. Here is a couple pics 2018 4Runner - Bone Stock (at this time)
  13. BleedNBlue

    Best place to buy wheels and tires, best wheels/tires

    My 2013 had OEM 19x9 Brembo wheels (forget the real name of the wheels). I mounted 275/40/19 square. Worked well and looked just as good. My vote is for 19x9s.
  14. BleedNBlue

    Radar detectors dated?

    I use Escort Max (version 1) with Waze. The latest firmware update seems to do an okay job of filtering BSM.
  15. BleedNBlue

    Ceratec before or after winter storage oil change?

    I am going to be the guy that derails this thread.... Running 5W30 do you need to add any Ceratec? After reading many threads on the subject it seems 5W20 should get the Ceratec?
  16. BleedNBlue

    What is you favorite diving song

    Pull Me Under by Dream Theater makes me press the skinny pedal just a little bit more.
  17. BleedNBlue

    How much trouble would...

    I installed one in my 2013 (4 speakers) with Sync without any issues. Here is what I bought: HU: iDataLink Kit...
  18. BleedNBlue

    2017 Stang doors opening unexpectedly

    Did you name your mustang Christine?
  19. BleedNBlue

    Join me in fixing the center speaker issue

    Where did you tap (line level out from OEM) to the line level input of the aftermarket amp in the above link?
  20. BleedNBlue

    Tire pressure for winter storage? -40 C*

    Ah Yes, you are correct. The break even point is -40.