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  1. Free winter wheels/tires pickup only

    Done. I'll pm you my email, just shoot me a message when you want to come get them.
  2. Free winter wheels/tires pickup only

    OK, so i have a set of stock wheels (with factory tpms) off my old 2016 GT premium that I've been storing for 2 years. They're the 18 inch wheels and they have Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 winter tires mounted on them. The wheels have some curb rash but nothing terrible. The tires have less than 5k...
  3. Mustang GT vs Kia Stinger GT

    Ug no thanks! Anyone can throw money at a car and make it faster, and from all indications that's holding true with the Stinger as well. And not for nothing, KIA has crushed Ford in the reliability ratings for the last several years. My mustangs interior looked great when I bought it, but it...
  4. Mustang GT vs Kia Stinger GT

    Heh, yeah no way in hell you'll find one for 20k. I figure a GT2 with 10k miles will probably run around 38-40k used, maybe more fully loaded.
  5. Geico Went up $1600/yr

    Geico USED to be the cheapest for me. Now they aren't.
  6. GT is gone and I couldnt be happier

    I had that problem with a car once, turned out to be the differential. The gears broke in weird and would resonate between 60-80 mph causing vibration. The only fix was replacing the gears. The tech thought it wasn't shimmed properly. (I'm referring to the original posters problem btw) Good...
  7. Geico Went up $1600/yr

    I don't think those exists, like bigfoot :doh:
  8. Geico Went up $1600/yr

    My geico rates have steady gone up for the last 5 years on every car I've owned, even though logically they should go down as the cars value decreases. I'm in my 40's, no accidents or tickets in the last 10 years. I just got a quote from progressive with the same coverage and it's $45 a month...
  9. 2018 mustang vs camaro vs scatpack/srt

    Anyone who owns a Nissan Versa failed at life.
  10. 2018 mustang vs camaro vs scatpack/srt

    Meh, I'm in my 40's I don't need the flash and noise anymore. The focus rs or sti would probably feel more fun, but they also ride like crap and have cheap interiors (I've owned sti's before). I'm also possessed of healthy self confidence and don't need a flashy car to boost it up. I just...
  11. 2018 mustang vs camaro vs scatpack/srt

    And then they'd all get spanked 0-60 by a stage 1 golf r :p . Maybe not in the quarter, but I don't go to the track anyway. I was heavily leaning towards a charger scat pack next year but now I'm floating the idea of a 2018 mustang with the auto or Golf R. The Golf is winning right now for the...
  12. 2018 Auto Start-Stop Technology?

    It has nothing to do with Ford. The EPA is getting out of control with their demands, CaliCommie is even worse.
  13. Why no 4WD Muscle/Pony Cars?

    The people who buy mustangs and camaro's aren't usually interested in awd anyway. They're looking for that rwd experience. You could always get a kia stinger gt, that has an awd drive option.
  14. Why no 4WD Muscle/Pony Cars?

    If you have stupidly steep hills awd will certainly be easier to deal with. With something like the mustang you have to be easy on the throttle to get moving.
  15. Almost 60K for Loaded 2018 GT

    With 600 disks to go through I'm not sure you should trying to use that as an example of time savings :lol: And do you really keep 600 cds in your car?
  16. Why no 4WD Muscle/Pony Cars?

    AWD can make bad drivers feel a little more confident, and if you had dirt roads AND snow to deal with I'd probably want an AWD. Not a car though, I'd want a suv or truck(mainly because of how uneven dirt roads can be, for clearance) Everyone seems to forget that for decades all anyone had was...
  17. Why no 4WD Muscle/Pony Cars?

    Having done the awd and rwd in 6+ inches of snow I can say... doesn't matter that much really. If the snow is high enough to bottom out the car and get stuck, awd isn't going to help. I've never even been close to getting stuck with Nokians in a rear wheel drive. Yeah I can't accelerate quite a...
  18. Buyer beware with used

    Lol, sounds like someone screwed up and put all the wheel locks on one wheel.
  19. Ugh! My Back! ... Now what? Sell?

    And it's usually unqualified, wrong, and sometimes down right dangerous. People tend to read what they want to hear instead doing the right thing. You're kind of proving my point with this post, that only an idiot takes medical advice from an internet forum. Especially a car forum at that.
  20. Ugh! My Back! ... Now what? Sell?

    Ah see I read the whole thread and not just the first post. He said he'd recover, but the doctor believes using a clutch will cause him to aggravate his back again. It probably has to do with putting uneven pressure on his back since you only push the clutch with one foot. Where medical advice...