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  1. Battery Question

    I am the first owner, had 20 miles on it. I do not believe they tested the alternator, they said no codes showed except the rear camera replaced by original dealer due to a recall on it. But sometimes the remote start would not work from fob, sometimes passenger door would not unlock outside...
  2. Battery Question

    Have a 2020 Ecoboost Premium assembled 12/16/2019 and sat on lot till I bought it 1/1/2021. A week ago drove it on Saturday and went to drive it 2 days later on Monday. Battery completely dead, doors would not open, fob did nothing. Opened door with key from fob, ford road service came and...
  3. 2021 Co-Pilot 360 vs 2020 Safe and Smart packages

    The 360 has the pedestrian alert, not sure if it is the same as 2020. Wonder is the 2020 S&S is the same as 2021 360.
  4. 2021 Co-Pilot 360 vs 2020 Safe and Smart packages

    I see all 2021 Mustangs come with the Co-Pilot 360, it seems almost all in it were included in the 2020 Safe and Smart package, are there any real differences and in 2021 the safe and sound package now is basically just adaptive cruise and navigation. Just curious.
  5. What is Ford thinking ?

    What Ford was thinking was saving some $$ by eliminating the 2 cell antennas in the rear bumper and putting it in that fugly shark fin antenna.
  6. Windshield Question

    How do I find part #
  7. Windshield Question

    According to that says Premium has it, mine is Ecoboost Premium, does not have it
  8. Windshield Question

    Have a 2019 Bullitt and a 2020 Ecoboost Premium Coupe. On my Bullitt the windshield has the words Soundscreen, but on my Ecoboost it does not have that same windshield, do they only put those on V-8's. Just wondering.
  9. Tire Pressure Sensors

    Have a 2020 Ecoboost Premium Coupe, I have noticed that the tire pressure readings are 3-4 lbs over my gauges. The right side is always 1 lb over the left. I put the same in all tires and all 3 of my tire pressure gauges show the same. Is the sensors adjustable or can be reset by the dealer.
  10. Song title displayed on digital instrument panel

    Just checked mine, fm radio text is set to on in my 2020 but no song displays on Sirius/Xm, sometimes I get the music symbol only and other times blank.
  11. Song title displayed on digital instrument panel

    On both my 2019 Bullitt and my 2020 Ecoboost Premium I have the digital dash, both set for normal, 2019 shows song title while the 2020 shows nothing, occassonally it shows the music symbol. Could be a 2020 thing. I also have the flat not shark fin antenna on both.
  12. Song title displayed on digital instrument panel

    I checked the owners manual, nothing in it to turn it on or off, wonder if it was eliminated in 2020.
  13. Song title displayed on digital instrument panel

    On my 2019 Bullitt the song name is displayed between the temp and direction traveling but on my 2020 Ecoboost Premium that area is blank when song is played. On both the song is displayed on the 8 " screen front of console. Is there a setting or did it change from 2019 to 2020.
  14. Think I got good price on 2020 Ecoboost Premium

    Picked up a 2020 Grabber Lime Ecoboost Premium Coupe to go with my 2019 Bullitt. Really think got a good deal msrp $40,855 and got it for $29,330:+ dealer prep $799. No dealer add ons like tinted windows, pin stripes etc.
  15. What is Ford thinking ?

    My 2020 has the bubble type mfg 12/19. My question is are there any functional differences in the radio, gps, etc between the 2020 with the bubble type and shark fin type. On Sirius/XM site shows 2019 traffic and 2020 traffic+, so does it matter which antenna for 2020. Ford or Sitius has no...
  16. Job 1 vs Job 2 (shark fin) roof antenna and what they do

    On the ones Mustangs the low profile antenna (2018, 2019 and early production 2020) where is the cellular antenna since they also have FordPass Connect. I have a 2020 Ecoboost mfg 12/2019 with liw profile antenna and FordPass Connects works okay so the antenna has to be somewhere.
  17. 2020 Satellite Radio now XM

    I looked on the Sirius/XM site, there are 3 types f radios depending on the car manufacturer, Sirius, XM. and Sirius/XM, the Sirius/XM can receive both while the other 2 can only receive one. Until 2020 Ford had a Sirius only radio but switched to the Sirius/XM. Here is the site to put in your...
  18. 2020 Satellite Radio now XM

    Have a 2019 Bullitt and a 2020 Ecoboost Premium, went to activate the 2020 just with Sirius and was told it is now an XM radio like GM not Sirius as before. This must be why they swirtched to the sharkfin antenna like GM, my Ecoboost was mfg on Dec 2019 before the switch. I call corporate as get...