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  1. ahl395's Build Log - Methanol Injected / P1X / 4500W sound system

    If anyone is still following this.... Got tired of those damn breathers dripping EVERYWHERE and installed a new catch can. Got a fabled Boostworks catch can from a friend. And even though they say it works with Prochargers, it just doesnt. I tried everything I could and the pulley just sat...
  2. ahl395's Build Log - Methanol Injected / P1X / 4500W sound system

    Wow! Been over a year and a half since I've been active here. Someone sent me a PM and drew me online lol. In a mix of losing interest and being busy, a lot has happened with the car. It now has a sleeved motor in it after cylinder 8 cracked by the water jacket almost a year and a half ago. It...
  3. Launching in 2nd gear - automatic trans question

    Personally, I don't know. But a shop warned me against 2nd gear launches for this reason
  4. Strategies to keep cats from melting

    I've heard mixed things on if the reading is accurate, but the consistent drop shows that it helps IMO and meth is known to drop EGTs drastically. If your running boost on a stock motor with tight rings, that EGT drop will help prevent a ringland delete from overheating them too. Also that was...
  5. about to hit this p1x with my purse

    I've been running a 3.85 on my P1X for around 30-40k miles no issues. Stops making power after about 16-17psi, which is around 7700rpm if your gen 2 with that pulley. Past that it keeps making more boost with no extra power which I wouldn't recommend.
  6. New Nitto drag radial released NT555R2

    I run MPSS in the front. I've never noticed the graphics being different lol. Both tires are all black, not like there's any white lettering to make one stand out over the other or anything.
  7. Strategies to keep cats from melting

    It's been awhile, but if I remember correctly according to the calculated cat temp PID, meth dropped my EGT by about 200 degrees
  8. P1x procharger getting hot?

    Are these temps with A/C on or off? If with A/C on, they're pretty normal compared to what I've seen. If A/C is off they're definitely on the high side.
  9. RLCA Help: Spherical Bearing vs. Poly Bushing

    No NVH from my spherical bearings and a huge improvement in traction and stability on hard acceleration. I'd just stick with the spherical IMO, tried and trusted brand/product, and I would imagine if there's any difference the poly would deflect a little more and likely less improvement.
  10. Hellion Street Sleeper // On3 owners; A Few Questions Please!

    Lots and lots of people have issues with the On3's fusebox relocation getting water in it and causing electrical problems
  11. Best belt for P1sc HO at 12psi??

    RPM belts are touchy if the tension isn't right and will snap. IMO especially being a shared belt I wouldn't chance it, or you'll be stranded if it fails. Not worth the headache IMO
  12. Can I fit a Mishimoto 3-Row core Radiator and Procharger P-1X?

    If you're referring to the auto, they all have transmission coolers
  13. ahl395's Build Log - Methanol Injected / P1X / 4500W sound system

    Compared some logs before and after the new blower outlet tube. Old outlet: MAF maxed (86.68) @ 7200rpm @ 15psi New outlet: MAF maxed (86.68) @ 6800rpm @ 14psi So I'm not exactly sure what to make of that data, but I believe it shows that it's flowing more air/CFM, at less boost. Which would...
  14. Gen 5 whipple issues on auto 15-17

    Datalog it, and send it to your tuner.
  15. S550 Road Tripping (Leave your long distance pros and cons)

    I frequently do ~700mi round trips. Of course it makes the drive way more fun than in a normal car. My car has a ton of miles on it already just because I love driving it long distance. Cons are gas mileage/expense, and if you have a loud exhaust your ears may be ringing by the end lol.
  16. 150ft pound torque lug nuts a pain to break

    Better impact gun. If you don't have an expensive and large compressor at home it probably cant put out enough CFMs to run the gun. Get an electric impact. My Dewalt XR has around 1200 ft/lbs. No lug stands a chance lol.
  17. Tried a few donuts in the rain, question

    It's normal. Takes a little driving to reset it after it gets confused. Same thing happens when your on the dyno
  18. 6r80 Transmission upgrades

    While you have it out, at least put clutches in it. Intermediate shaft would be a good idea too. Billet planetary if you want it to be bulletproof.
  19. Do you want to see an AWD Mustang? Is it still a Mustang?

    I'd love an AWD Mustang. RWD sucks for a high powered FI street car and AWD, while having more drivetrain losses, would make the power way more usable and launching actually possible. Honestly though, I would be surprised if it happened.
  20. ahl395's Build Log - Methanol Injected / P1X / 4500W sound system

    The MAK pipe damage I had wasn't anything to do with the tube, I found it like that when I took it apart. I hear you though. Definitely don't want to ruin the blower's finish. And forcing it all together definitely wasn't fun. Good idea! I like that. I'm ordering a replacement air filter so...