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  1. AC fan ON inconsistent

    I am having an issue with my 2015 GT AC fan. Sometimes when I start the car the fan does not come on. Most times it does. When it doesn't come on I shut it down and restart and usually it starts. Any ideas why it is doing this?
  2. 2006 Mustang question

    I understand this is 2015 and above Mustangs. I was hoping someone here could answer my question. My nephew tuned his 2006 V6 Mustang. He is having transmission issues and cant find the tuner. Is the factory tune necessary to get codes ? Thanks for a car that old?
  3. Hood Struts and aftermarket hood

    So my Mustang now has the dreaded hood corrosion and is out of warranty. I am looking to replace the hood with a fiberglass Anderson Composites hood. Can I still retain my Redline struts and use them with an aftermarket hood? Are hood pins necessary? Thanks.
  4. Admins HELP!

    Every time I change a page the reCAPTCHA check box pops up. Can you please help fix this.
  5. 3,200 miles on Pilots

    So I only got 3,200 miles on my rear Pilot Super Sports. Discount Tire said the tires have a wear warranty so a new set cost $255 warranty vs full price for rears $658. I don't track the car but do drive it like it owes me money. Could I have gotten a bad set of tires? Or is my driving that bad...
  6. How many miles did your brakes last

    On non Brembo not tracked cars how many thousand miles did you get on your original factory pads?
  7. Vibrant resonators with Corsa Extreme

    Does anyone have Corsa Extreme exhaust with vibrant resonators? I'm considering quietening my exhaust. I would appreciate input on sound.
  8. Michelin PSS 305/35R19 and 275/35R19

    Initially I had 305/35R19 on 11 inch rims on back. 295/35R19 10 inch front. Front tires looked great but tramlined badly. So I just got a new set of tires. Kept the rear the same. But downsized to 275/35R19 to cut down on tramline. It is a huge change in width/profile going from a 295 to a 275...
  9. AC blower quit

    Anyone have the AC blower quit working. Remove the fuse and it checks good. No sign of corrosion on the fuse plugs. Reinstall the fuse and the blower works fine. Fuse must have just been lose.
  10. ATTN: Sacramento car owners

  11. 295 tires on 10 inch rims

    Anyone have 295 tires on 10 inch rims. Any tramlining issues?
  12. Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire pressures

    I'm running Michelin Pilot SS tires 305/35R19 and 295/35R19. What tire pressures are you running? Thank you CH
  13. Lund Tune question

    I have an nGauge with several older Lund tunes in addition to the one on my car now. Is there a way to tell which one I am currently running? My cat is currently in the shop with significant suspension damage. They pulled the front assembly complete with the engine. Not sure if there will be...
  14. Continental tires vs Firestone

    Looking at getting new tires for my DD Mustang. Considering Continental Extreme Contact Sport or Firestone Firehawk Indy Tires. We get a lot of rain here so wet performance is important. Any experienced input appreciated.
  15. When to change brakes

    I have 7mm of pad on the front. And 6mm on the rear. At what depth do the pads need to be changed?
  16. Admin Help Needed

    My present laptop remembers my password but I don't. I just got a new laptop and need to know what it is to sign in. I tried the password reset with no luck. Please PM me. Thank you. Charles.
  17. Who has changed sunglass cubby drawer?

    Has anyone changed their sunglass cubby drawer out on their car? Mine broke. I ordered one off of EBay and plan to install it myself. From what I can gather I need to pop off the side trim panel that is held in place with clips.. The trim panel for the light switch (above cubby drawer) has...
  18. Sunglass holder drawer replacement

    Anyone know how to remove the sunglass holder drawer?
  19. What is this called?

    What is the name of the little pop out drawer to the left side of the trunk release? My latch broke and the damned thing won't stay closed. Thank you.
  20. Upper mount notch orientation

    The upper mount (#11) for the strut assembly has a notch. If the notch is not oriented correctly what can happen? Is there a correct orientation? Thank you, CH