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  1. Whipple down on power, Then Motor blown

    Hmm - high compression + cast pistons + a blower = bad idea. Many may disagree, but forged pistons with (relatively) low compression is what seems to be better suited for FI. Yet I know many will argue until they are blue in the face that cast pistons in a high compression motor is simply a...
  2. Mustang GT v. my new Focus RS

    Congrats - it's a terrific car and a blast to drive. Now the head gasket work has been performed on your car, you should be good to go. I also think the fit and finish on these cars is excellent - I am really impressed.
  3. Mustang GT v. my new Focus RS

    LOL - corrected. If I had that technology I'd own Ford:lol:
  4. Mustang GT v. my new Focus RS

    I think Ford has addressed the head gasket issue for the 2018s (at least that's what I've heard). Thanks for the advice - I'll hold off on any tuning for a while, but I should confirm if my car has the head gasket "fix". There is a TSB for cars built between 2015 through July 2017. My car is a...
  5. Mustang GT v. my new Focus RS

    Pretty stiff - but on smooth roads it's fine. Most roads around me are good, so its acceptable.
  6. Mustang GT v. my new Focus RS

    Its going to be my DD. A little raucous for a DD, but a whole lot of fun. Sync 3, 8 inch screen, and a great stereo make it very cool. Go test drive one.
  7. Mustang GT v. my new Focus RS

    Wow - that's incredible. I love it - the car has 37 miles on it and I'm thinking about mods:D
  8. Mustang GT v. my new Focus RS

    Wishful thinking on my part
  9. Mustang GT v. my new Focus RS

    It's called Nitrous Blue and its a special 4 layer paint only available on the RS
  10. Mustang GT v. my new Focus RS

    Thanks - I guess I couldv'e Strapped my insolent teenager in the trunk:lol: When's he's off to college I'll revisit the Mustang - but he loves the RS
  11. Mustang GT v. my new Focus RS

    Went to buy a 2018 GT with PP. Then my petite wife (5'3" sat in the back). Her head was less than an inch from the rear window glass and that kind of freaked her out. Why not sit up front? - because my string bean 13 year old boy may have to ride with us some time and he is taller than her. I...
  12. Opinions on the Chevy SS

    Oh - ok - it's slow - you win, genius.
  13. Opinions on the Chevy SS

    And I don't give a shit about your opinion. "The Japs" - really? - you are a racist aSShole
  14. Opinions on the Chevy SS

    Totally agree - Kia has broken with the conservative mold of most Asian manufacturers (save for an expensive few hot rods like the GTR and F series Lexi) and put out an affordable hot rod with great features that has touches of Italian styling. It's not an M or an AMG but it certainly is...
  15. The local Ford dealer trying to tempt me

    Yup - That's a deal breaker for me.
  16. Differences between GT/PP with 301A and GT Premium PP

    Do me a favor and let me know by PM what dealer you ordered from - I've been trying to strike a deal, but no go so far. Base GT, 6M, 301A, PP, 647 wheels, OF. I'm in So Cal. Thanks in advance.
  17. Opinions on the Chevy SS

    In person it has attributes that remind me of a Maserati Quattroporte
  18. Opinions on the Chevy SS

    Until you actually checkout a stinger you should withhold judgment. Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.
  19. Opinions on the Chevy SS

    I checked out two Kia Stinger GTs last night - a GT and GT2. They are very nice. The GT2 at 52K maybe not such a great deal. The GT at 39K is a great deal, but no sunroof and premium stereo. The GT1 with the sunroof and awesome stereo is the sweetspot at around 42-43K MSRP.
  20. please pics of magnetic with red interior

    Ford should have built the concept instead of that abomination from 05-09.