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  1. Remove decals to decrease cops attention, sleeper, etc? Will the m1 become a collector? You think people would want w/without decals? Real hood vents?

    I just bought my 2022 MACH 1! 10sp. With all the options. I hate attracting cops! I want to blend in. What do you think about removing all the decals and badges plus in minuses? any point to making the two hood scoops actual vents? Would it make any difference in keeping the engine actually...
  2. General wisdom: How costly and doable is changing just the steering response or anything else independently? Likely new owner.

    Sorry if this is been covered elsewhere. Long drive to see and buy, I am seriously thinking about buying a 2022 Mach 1 10 speed auto with seemingly all the handling and performance packages and all the other OEM choices. Aero, Recaro seats, adaptive suspension. Are the seats uncomfortable for a...