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  1. Dragy 60-130

    PP3 “unlocked” the top end of my ‘16 vert auto, totally worth it!! GT350 manifold is key!!! You will thank me later
  2. Shelby Super Snake Intro

    Who is this for? Plenty of S550 GT350s/500s for way cheaper… it looks great but still, why?🤔
  3. I am on the verge of selling my Mustang guys...

    The cure to any broken heart:
  4. New EPA regs coming phaseout gas engines

    Not sure what my location has to do with anything, I would be saying the same thing at each of the 7 countries I have lived in throughout my life…. I think gas, electric , hydrogen all have a role and part to play, no need to ban any, just get smarter at what energy to use when….
  5. New EPA regs coming phaseout gas engines

    Thanks Mags for adding some decorum and thought into the conversation! I think the world is trying to be more sustainable for obvious reasons, and it will require collaboration, and those of us who resist are only delaying the inevitable. I do plan on enjoying my GT500 to the fullest extent but...
  6. Intake Manifold Failure!

    I put the PP3 on my ‘16 GT vert back in the day, totally recommend it, noticeable gains on the butt dino and chasing that redline is even more fun, more drama! Btw I live in cali and paid full price for the PP3 pack, would do it again honestly
  7. Heritage CFTP with 13 miles for sale

    Pics or it didn’t happen…
  8. 2020 GT500 non-CFTP

    Sounds to me like you’ve done all your research and will take the appropriate time to check this option out. What seems left is for you to be mindful of your budget and to be patient in working them down to it and to also be ready to walk away if they cannot meet your budget. It took me 2 months...
  9. Guys, how important is the “Shelby” name to the enjoyment of your car?

    I bought my GT500 cause my balls feel funny when I shift a DCT with tons of power from a sonorous powerhouse and making both of my heads explode from the brutality of it all. I have always dreamed of a DCT in a mustang and it came true so had to get it. If Shelby America found a way to swap in...
  10. To Sell or Not to Sell my 2020 PP2

    You might get 30k for your GT, then drop another 20k to get yourself a decent GT350: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2016-ford-mustang-shelby-gt350r-21/
  11. To Sell or Not to Sell my 2020 PP2

    2018+ model year fixed most issues, even then, there are plenty of answers in the gt350 section if you end up with a ‘16-17 model year. You can pick one up for cheaper in that regard. Still less of a headache than a fully modded gt.
  12. To Sell or Not to Sell my 2020 PP2

    Get a GT350 no question. base or R, now that is the question (base to daily drive, R to track/collect) Drive one and you will see it is a different animal from a modded GT or super snake. Btw you will climax whenever you shift the car over 8k rpms with that voodoo wail. I go through underwear...
  13. Tired of hearing about the Voodoo sound

    For me the sound tickles my ball sack while also massaging it at the same time, just legendary
  14. Gt500 status

    Had a ‘16 GT vert for 7 years. Got my GT500 earlier this year, the best decision I’ve ever made! Can always make more money, but no more making GT500s. Especially with the GTD now being the way to get a supercharged mustang from the factory, getting into these GT500s for under 100k seems like a...
  15. Another Copart 500

    Thanks for saving this GT500 from an unfortunate hard life, I too foster a GT500!!!
  16. Mustang owners in California

    I drive around with track mode exhaust all the time, I am doing my part to hold the line!
  17. GT500 for sale Ofallon Missouri

    Looking back at it now in 2023, Ford priced GT500s in 2020 at $70,300 base and that sounds competitive in a sea of over-priced EV’s. Similar when GM put out the C8 corvette for a flat $60k. But the many factors over the three years of the S550 GT500 production the base went up about $3k a year...
  18. 2021 GT500 1389 Miles +33% over MSRP

    Time for a mid-engine all-wheel drive mustang!!!
  19. What do you do when people give you a thumbs up

    I give them my resting ‘smile face’ I have every time I drive my GT500, works 100%, 100% of the time 🤣
  20. 2021 GT500 1389 Miles +33% over MSRP

    I live in LA so that means a gas guzzler and sunshine tax, in addition… I did my GT500 shopping earlier this year after saving and waiting for three years, salivating at getting a supercharged mustang with a dct. I noticed that asking prices for new-1000 mile cars carry more than $10k in...