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  1. Entick


    Thanks for the answers guys. I have c. 2500 miles.
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    Quick question for you guys. I just booked my year 1 service - but the earliest date they could do is more than 1 month after my 1 year anniversary of ownership. Will that void my warranty?
  3. Entick

    Safty features work

    Completely agree with this... Glad you're alright and will be even more careful from now on so thank you for your post.
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    Ford Power Packs - Poll

    Reviving an old thread here but I've been away from the forums for a while (it crashes my browser at work) - just wondering if anyone knows what happened with these power packs? Are they available? Does anyone have real experience of these yet?
  5. Entick

    She's mine! Grabber Blue GT

    Love the colour. Congrats.
  6. Entick

    The wait is over, she is here and I love her!

    Do you have your car back again or still leaking?
  7. Entick

    Ford Power Packs - Poll

    Great thanks - let us know
  8. Entick

    Ford Power Packs - Poll

    My cash is ready... But then again my cash is ready for the GT350 / 500 and we're not getting those either...
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    Well the wait is over i got it

    Thanks mate!
  10. Entick

    Well the wait is over i got it

  11. Entick

    Puddle light

    I totally missed this issue until now... will have to check my car to make sure it is OK!
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    2018/19 Shelby GT500 Mustang Spotted! Twin Turbo V8 Powered? [UPDATED WITH VIDEO]

    They need to release this in the UK! Take my money!!
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    Ford Power Packs - Poll

    Very odd to allow this situation to arise again - I thought Ford would have learned their lesson from the Mustang UK / EU launch debacle. Apparently not. They should have been measuring feasibility over the past few months - in parallel with the US team's preparations for launch of these...
  14. Entick

    Fixing those front plates on!!

    Greg - do you have any pics of this from the side? Want to see how much it sticks out. thanks
  15. Entick

    Ford Power Packs - Poll

    Thanks - would be great if you can ask Pierre when you get a chance - I'm keen to get this before the good weather disappears...!
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    Ford Power Packs - Poll

    Has anyone heard anything on when these will be available in the UK? None of the dealers I have spoken to know anything. Can someone tag Andy Barratt in this (I don't know how to tag people!)
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    Ford Power Packs - Poll

    Worth flagging that the 5ibft of torque in the stage 3 is a bit misleading as it only relates to peak torque so that stage is likely to see a big uptick in low down torque too. Also looking to see some dyno numbers from the US but am definitely going for stage 3 regardless!
  18. Entick

    Ford Power Packs - Poll

    Given the Ford Performance Parts power packs have now been officially announced for the US market - who is looking forward to them being released in the UK? Thought I'd start a poll to see what peoples thoughts were and which stage you're thinking of going for. The link is here with more...
  19. Entick

    To Those With Infants

    Have tested with 2 buggies and both fit: Uppababy Vista Bugaboo Bee I'm pretty sure you could get any stroller in. The biggest issue is the shape of the trunk opening - if the length of the buggy when folded is too long you have a job trying to get it through the gap - but both of the...
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    Ford power pack - will this also come to the UK

    thanks - this was super helpful. Will have to go for this if Ford don't hurry up with the official product! (I want to keep my warranty)