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  1. PP1 oil filter funnel

    I just changed the oil on my 2020 PP2 using one of these and I gotta say - just awesome work. This thing made keeping the area around the filter clean super simple. So glad I bought it.
  2. Running car with open headers.

    I think you mean burnt valves. I can't speak to the origin of the myth but it's not something you need to worry about on these cars. I also wouldn't worry about hurting anything under the car. Drive it to the shop and get your work done. You're fine.
  3. Running car with open headers.

    You're fine. Plenty of people, me included, race with open headers (cutouts). It will be stupid loud though.
  4. 2018 Royal Crimson F1A94 Procharged, TH400 Drag Project

    Yeah best bet is to trailer it to a warmer climate to race. Make a long weekend of it.
  5. 2018 Royal Crimson F1A94 Procharged, TH400 Drag Project

    Welcome to the 4-digit PC club. Congrats bro. Mine for reference:
  6. Whipple (gen5) net weight

    Figure 80-100lbs depending on kit and options. Seats can basically get that back for you. Seats, battery, subwoofer, few odds and ends got me close to 200lbs out of the car. Weighed every component that I took out or replaced and added it all up trying to get as much as possible. Finally caved...
  7. Procharger Crank Support:?

    I just wish I could keep my front sway bar. I'd have already bought it if I could.
  8. Building the motor

    E85 is the best shit since sliced bread for racers. My anecdote: In a half mile pass I'm maybe 150 yards from the finish line, in 5th gear, WOT, north of 165mph and near 6800rpm and 15psi. The car had dyno'ed at 930rwhp in the configuration I was running. The fuel pressure overcame the fitting...
  9. Building the motor

    I'd stick with 11:1 compression. Boss valve springs. I'd agree that I beams are a good idea so you never have to have the motor apart again but a budget is a budget. I wouldn't bother with chains and what not unless you're going to routinely see 8000rpm.
  10. Just purchased a Procharger for my 2018 Mustang GT

    From me to you guys...thanks so much for an awesome shortblock. I've settled around 1100rwhp on my TKM block and couldn't be happier.
  11. Rotor size

    Hey. I resemble that remark. 20" wheels are the biggest hit to my car's performance by far but...they look great. Damn it.
  12. 11k budget

    Reach out to Rev Auto and see since you're in VA - not a long trip up to Baltimore. I'm guessing 16 hours of labor @ $105. $650 for a custom dyno tune or use the canned tune with a kit.
  13. What oil for supercharged car?

    Ford Racing M-6731-FL820 I use this one because of the heavier weight oil - it has substantially more filter media because it's physically a much larger filter. The 5W50 will provide better protection once oil temps start to really climb under heavy load. 5W20 is an economy oil meant for fuel...
  14. What oil for supercharged car?

    If you're not racing, 5w30. If you do race the car, 5w50.
  15. Missing Air Filter

    Dump the oil and you're likely fine.
  16. Low temp T-stat and E-85

    I think the Reisch is a good choice for the vast majority of people out there. And some of the lower temp thermostats run worse than the Reisch as well and lead to higher CHT. And with E85 a catch can is absolutely necessary IMO.
  17. Low temp T-stat and E-85

    I always add the disclaimer that I primarily race my car, but I purposefully have a 160F Mishimoto thermostat and E85. I ran the Reisch 170F and it did just fine but I found the extra room in the coolant necessary for me when making a pass since it's doing double duty with the oil cooler.
  18. Another NA car breaks diff bolts...

    Depending on your exhaust I think the driveline noise complaint is over rated. I went for the aluminum inserts as well from Steeda.
  19. Need help deciding which procharger

    I was at max blower speed so I'll never know. Both of those are also on 20" wheels - because reasons.
  20. Need help deciding which procharger

    I'm a speed guy so 142mph in the 1/4 and 176mph in the 1/2. I wanted to to get over 180 in the half mile and just couldn't get there. Was stuck in the low-mid 170s.