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  1. David Schmidt

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    This is why we don't actually have light sabres...
  2. David Schmidt

    NA gen 3 people, what has actually broken on your car?

    Nothing at all. Imma buy another one before this V8 party is over, too.
  3. David Schmidt

    The 18-21 is better looking than 15-17

    It's not the year I own, so I'm not allowed to like it. But that chrome trim is sharp.
  4. David Schmidt

    Oil pressure gauge fluctuating

    Yep. Flog it like you're mad at it.
  5. David Schmidt

    How long do you plan on keeping your S550?

    I want to get another one round about the time they stop making V8s. A nice somebody-already-took-the-depreciation-hit model for me again, thanks. I play with the Ford configurator from time to time, and always end up with my same car again - so I guess I don't need to go anywhere different...
  6. David Schmidt

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Swapped out stock chrome for Gorilla black lugnuts. Gotta love tire shops - some of the stockers were banged so far that my 21MM wouldn't fit all the way on. (She'll get a wash when weather permits.)
  7. David Schmidt

    Black lugs for PP1 wheels

    Sigh. CJ Pony Parts thanks you for reminding me there was something else I needed to buy. Just placed an order for a set of 61148BCX. Not interested in the "locking" lug, and they had a bit of a sale on. Or so I told myself.
  8. David Schmidt

    Anyone else fed up with Consumers Reports?

    Consumer Reports has been great for me for picking out ovens, dishwashers, and chainsaws. It's important to me that they don't accept advertising. Not sure I'd go there for information about cars, though. Ford claims 15 MPG city; I currently have 16.5 on the clock, which is pretty par for my...
  9. David Schmidt

    Place to Mount a Glass Breaker/Seatbelt Cutter

    I like the idea of having it visible, top-of-mind. No way I'd remember to go looking in the glove box or "sunglass holder for people with tiny faces" if an emergency arose.
  10. David Schmidt

    Satellite "bump" Love it, Hate it, is what it is.

    Well, in all fairness, before you resurrected it... this thread recently celebrated its 6th birthday since it was last responded to.
  11. David Schmidt

    Has anyone tested the active exhaust vs stock exhaust? Is it a necessary option?

    Borla did a nice video about how the vanes behave in each mode. Quiet will still open the vanes up some when you get on it:
  12. David Schmidt

    Goodbye to Ford...2018 Mustang Gt ownership

    Just like Smunczen said, sometimes there are lemon cars. It happens. I've got a 2018 PP1, flog it like I'm mad at it, store it outside, and love every mile. It might have a radio in it, I don't know, I just love listening to the engine. And when I park it, I look at it while I walk away and...
  13. David Schmidt

    Lost Tools?

    Here ya go...
  14. David Schmidt

    5.0 fender emblems

    Yes, the GT fenders have holes and the emblems have pins.
  15. David Schmidt

    Why did you get a manual

    I tried the "hill hold" for a little while. The second time it made me stall, I turned it off. When you're very in tune with exactly how much modulation the gas and clutch take to get underway, the extra (unexpected) braking can be enough to kill it. I remember thinking, "let me go!" I'm...
  16. David Schmidt

    Oil Change disaster... Currently Confused and Embarrassed

    I used to change my own oil because it was cheaper, and because I could. And I used to do it outside too. I once started adding oil with the drain plug out. One quart down the tube and I'm thinking, "what is that running water sound?" You only do that once. None taken. I'm changing my own...
  17. David Schmidt

    Is this the first S650 test mule?

    It. Is. A. Test.
  18. David Schmidt

    Daily Driving an EcoBoost in Cold Weather (GOOD IDEA?)

    Put good rubber on its feet, put good oil and gas in its veins. Flog it like you're mad at it once it's warmed up. It's what Henry Ford would want for you.
  19. David Schmidt

    On the drive.

    That's all well and good. As I'm sure everyone has noted, everyone's situation is a little different. To each his (or her) own.
  20. David Schmidt

    On the drive.

    I am among you that lives outside. Momma gets the garage, and I really like being married.