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  1. Ghost50

    How many people here became their own Mustang mechanics?

    I used to do most of my work on my Fox Body cars with the exception of a few things. I won't do rear end gears nor will I mess with electrical stuff. Those cars were relatively easy to work on. The s550 platform is challenging to me because I am not used to them. Everything being computerized...
  2. Ghost50

    Fun thread - How manual manual drivers reach for stick or clutch in an auto?

    My daily driver is an F150 FX4 on occasion I will; when coming to a quick stop put my left foot down fast like I need to clutch in when hitting the brake sitting at a stop light reach down for the clutch hop in and go to hit a push start button - but the truck isn’t push start
  3. Ghost50

    The Succesor to MMFF

    MM&FF was a staple of my childhood. Mixed in with all the baseball and football mags was MM&FF. I couldn’t wait for the new edition to come out. They used to sponsor the MM&FF weekends too. My friends and I would hit them up regularly. Quality racing, vendors all over and a swap meet.
  4. Ghost50

    Do you hide your car part purchases or make them sound less then they are?

    Nope. We have a joint account for household bills and separate accounts for everything else. But mine isn’t into cars so I could buy a Whipple and tell her it cost $500 and she wouldn’t know that I was about $8500 on the low side.
  5. Ghost50

    NA gen 3 people, what has actually broken on your car?

    2019 PP1 400A No go fast mods yet - just suspension Bought August 2018 Built July 2018 16,500 miles MT82 went boom at 5000 miles. I had the dealer replace it with a Trans from a car on the lot due to the long lead time from Ford for a new one. The catch was it needed to be from a 2019 build...
  6. Ghost50

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Went for a country ride with @Bluelightning this morning. We went out west of Houston and then north through the Sam Houston Forest. It felt good to drive the car. The last few weekends have either been rainy or I’ve been busy. With an impending family emergency trip coming up this week to...
  7. Ghost50

    LED Map light install - broken dome light housing tab (ugh)

    ouch. I feel your pain, man. eventually I bought a new one and vowed I’d never take that thing off again. love the ingenuity to make it work after snapping that post though!!
  8. Ghost50

    Nitto NT555

    Poorly. I’ve hydroplaned a few times. My car doesn’t see rain often but a few times I’ve been caught...the last time I actually turned in the snow/wet mode to keep the car planted.
  9. Ghost50

    Oil leak?

    thats what I was going to say a friend of mine had the issue with his 19 GT and it was the filter
  10. Ghost50

    Rant time...what's the worst thing about your Mustang?

    I hear ya. I took mine in the end of May to have Ford do a consumption test. They changed the oil and marked the dipstick and plug and told me to bring it back when I put 1000 miles on it. The they’ll drain and measure to see what the loss is. If this rain ever stops on the weekends I’ll...
  11. Ghost50

    Borla Atak vs Xtreme -Drone?

    I have Borla ATAK's and there isn't a lick of drone. I love them.
  12. Ghost50

    Best place to mount oil Catch Can

    I saw CJPP post a Mishimoto catch can video today and I am intrigued. I have the JLT now and sometimes its a PITA to get my hand in there and get the canister off. The Mishimoto one is mounted to the radiator support bracket. I may go that route for ease of draining.
  13. Ghost50

    Roll racing fail

    Pretty decent recovery to be honest USA judge 9.2 French judge 9.1 German judge 9.4 Russian judge 1.7
  14. Ghost50

    How does the interior quality of the 400A compare to the 401A?

    The leather is nicer for sure. I have a 400A car and I wish I would have gone 401A because of that alone.
  15. Ghost50

    MT-82 owners, what if Tremec is offered in 2021MY?

    Yep...the ones in the 2018 build years were anemic looking. They beefed them up. I have a pic in my phone that I will post in a bit showing the comparison. When mine died back in March of 2019 I ended up having them take a trans out of a car on the lot and put it in mine. I made sure they gave...
  16. Ghost50

    MT-82 owners, what if Tremec is offered in 2021MY?

    No. That wouldn't be enough to make me trade it in. Although my car has already blown one MT-82 I will just upgrade on my own to a Tremec or Calimer once I get the RWHP into the 800-1000 range.
  17. Ghost50

    We Don't Need This Sh*t !

    Yeah man - I have been here 13 years now and it still blows. The COVID related reduction in traffic has been nice though. Rather than a 45 min commute I can get to/from work now in 25-30.
  18. Ghost50

    We Don't Need This Sh*t !

    I either distance myself or blow past them. I live in Houston. Driving here is like playing Frogger. People in mini-vans? They drive like shit. I avoid at all costs. When I'm not dodging the soccer mom's in their Toyota and Honda mini's I'm trying to avoid the people driving shitboxes with...
  19. Ghost50

    UPR Magnetic Drain Plug Results

    Nice. I put one in mine when I changed my oil in February. It'll be interesting to see what the magnet looks like.
  20. Ghost50

    Front bumper paint mismatch on ordered car, what should I do?

    I lean on it being the lighting too. I know mine, depending on the lighting and angle, will look off as well. With that being said the thin paint and the contrast in materials of the hood and bumper certainly stand out on these cars.