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  1. Sig556

    s550 Weakest Links

    I agree Oil pump gears if you are going to push it hard. Also new universal joints on the driveshaft and a rebalance of the shaft.
  2. Sig556

    *Done* with the Eco platform... I think.

    I just did a skim read of this posting. And I would guess it's a head gasket that gave up. The white smoke is you are trying to burn anti freeze. This is a very typical condition in 4 cylinder failures. I had two different 4 cylinder engines suffer this exact fate. I feel they work too hard to...
  3. Sig556

    Experience with your Ford dealer Service Department?

    All that is required is a valid receipt for the oil and filter buy the oil of your choice and use a Motorcraft FL500 and you are good to go. I have been changing my own oil in my 2011,2015, 2018, and now my 2020. I also keep a small book with the date of service for my vehicle.
  4. Sig556

    Experience with your Ford dealer Service Department?

    Why not do it yourself and know it was done to your standards?
  5. Sig556

    My 17' GT didn't have any oil......

    Not trying to be smart or sarcastic. Check your oil on a regular basis and this should avoid problems.
  6. Sig556

    GT350 Gauge Cluster Thread

    Unfortunately your info was not helpful and confusing as hell.
  7. Sig556

    No drill license plate bracket options

    Any member want or need one I have a BRAND NEW Stow and go plate in the box never used. P/M me.
  8. Sig556

    Dealership messed up my car?

    It does not matter whether you have 600 HP or 150 HP, Stick or Auto. RESPECT the customers car period. NO EXCEPTIONS. I had a garage back in the early 60's and this was the rule. You break the rule and you are gone. Every car that ever came in for service 1st check the oil and notate it. Last...
  9. Sig556

    How many GTs are Owned by Seniors?

    Meatball I agree 100% But I am happy that I had the chance to build, drive, and work on these cars. To smell the gas, grease, and oil, drop out a trans, and install a new clutch, have trans fluid run down your arm, set points, and change the timing. I wouldn't change it all for anything.
  10. Sig556

    Old fart here

    Bruce , I know exactly what you are talking about in your GTO. You may want to change out the clutch on the GTO, Center Force makes a great diaphragm series with easy clutch pedal play. I still do most of my own work on my GT, but it is harder getting up and down.
  11. Sig556

    Old fart here

    I'm 77 and still beat on my baby once in a while. Did I mention the A10 rules in Sport Plus.
  12. Sig556

    Sto n Sho mount - PP1 vs PP2

    Anyone need a Sto-n-Sho plate part number SNS62 ? I have one brand new still in the original box never used make me an offer and P/M me. Thanks Ed.
  13. Sig556

    A Little Update

    The Sugar Shack has been on our list for some time now, but due to Covid 19 we will not be going anytime soon. I'll let you know when we finally visit.
  14. Sig556

    Threat from Tire Bubble

    Your tire is toast the inner belts are ruptured and air is leaking between the belts also know as a bubble. If it were me I would not wait that tire would be replaced. These low profile babies can not sustain curb or pot hole damage to any extent. Been there done that.
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    These items are still available as the first person was a No Show.
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    Diode Dynamics Taillight Sequencers for sale. $ 80.00 new. The first $50.00 takes them. P/M Sig 556.
  17. Sig556

    Engine noise

    This noise is not good news. I don't know if the oil pan can be dropped with the engine in the car. But if you can drop the pan that is where I would start. It could be anything, a broken chain tensioner, a rod bearing going south, who knows. I wish you well my friend.
  18. Sig556

    How are you protecting your car in your garage?

    Many people are so inconsiderate today. I posted this a long time ago but feel it may add some humor to this subject. I came out of a Mall a while back and as I approached my parked car a woman was digging through her pocketbook on my trunk lid. Many of these pocketbooks have small metal feet...